Why The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 14 Delayed Airing (February 20, 2023)

The overall plot of the series was witching enough to keep me interested throughout its wholeness. I really appreciated how each character and their professional and particular connections developed throughout the story. I set up several of the scenes in the book to be veritably touching. A youthful surgeon named Shaun Murphy, who has autism as well as sage pattern, uproots his life and moves to the megacity to work in the surgical section of a prominent sanitarium.
Shaun, who lives by himself and can not form meaningful connections with the people around him, makes the utmost of his extraordinary medical gifts to save lives and falsify the hypotheticals of his associates.

#1. Why is The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 14 Delayed Airing?

Unfortunately, we do not have any positive news for "The Good Doctor" lovers in this post. The Good Doctor did not have a new episode but The Bachelor did. The program is taking a week off because the remaining episodes are being scheduled to guarantee there is something for the May finale week.
There wasn't a rerun of the medical drama on Feb 20, 2023. Instead, ABC had a rerun of the new series The Company You Keep to give it a boost in the ratings.

#2. When will new episodes of The Good Doctor return?

How long will this break last? Here's where we have some exciting news. According to A BC, official episode 14 will premiere as soon as next Monday night, February 27, 2023, at 9 p.m. central standard time. Hence, without a doubt, keep that crucial date and time in your memory.

Episode 14 Season 6Source: Showbiz Junkies

It revealed that this new episode 14 is titled, “Hard Heart.” which is a sad medical case. When a 3-year-old comes into the ER, the staff immediately identifies he is having a stroke, according to the official synopsis for episode 14. Unfortunately, Dr. Shaun Murphy's identification of the underlying reason does not fix the problem, prompting Dr. Park to look further. At first, it looks like he fell and hit his head, but when they arrive to operate, they realize that there is another problem. Shaun states that the boy is "sicker than we thought," hinting that he has a brain tumor rather than being abused.
Stay tuned for more updates about The Good Doctor Season 6, 2023.
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