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  1. #1. Why Soccer Player Wear Mask?

Why Soccer Player Wear Mask? Fully Explained

Wondering why soccer player wear mask? Here we go! Many aspects of the World Cup have deviated from the norm, from the fact that it is being held in the winter for the first time to the significant periods of stoppage time that have been put on at the end of each half.
As if that weren't strange enough, some football players at Qatar 2022 have been competing in their matches while wearing black face masks. As a result of the fact that Croatian defender Josko Gvardol is planning to wear one during the semi-final match against Argentina, many fans will once again be wondering what in the world the point of them is.

#1. Why Soccer Player Wear Mask?

Why Soccer Player Wear Mask Source: Getty Images
Football players who have previously been injured in a match to their face are the ones who are allowed to wear the masks. The structure was developed with the express purpose of shielding the facial region from direct collision by deflecting and redirecting the energy that is transferred from player-to-player contact.
It is said that they are composed of carbon fiber, which is a material that may be exceedingly light yet incredibly strong. Additionally, they can be customized so that they fit snugly around the features of an individual's face. The International Football Association Board has determined that the protective masks are "non-dangerous protective equipment." As a result, it is legal for players to use them during games.
After fracturing his nose in a clash with teammate Willi Orban during Leipzig's 3-1 win over Freiburg on November 9, Gvardiol is playing with a face mask against Argentina. The incident occurred during Leipzig's match on November 9. The medical staff from Leipzig and Croatia concluded that Gvardiol could only participate in the match in Qatar if he wore the mask to protect his nose.

Son Heung-Min Is An Example

Why Soccer Player Wear Mask
After breaking his eye socket during Tottenham's Champions League encounter with Marseille on November 1, South Korea's Son Heung-Min also donned a mask for their World Cup games. This occurred during the match between Tottenham and Marseille.
Son stated the following regarding his new set of equipment: "I don't believe it was horrible because the mask was more comfortable than I imagined." "It was different from how I utilized it in the United Kingdom. It offered a higher level of convenience. There wasn't much difference, other than the fact that the weather was really hot, which caused a lot of sweat.
Because the contour of my face is unique, I can't help but feel the need to continue stroking the mask. Even if the swelling goes down, it will still be puffy after a day or two. After I'd adjusted it to fit my face, I couldn't stop stroking it. I was taken aback by how much comfier it was than I had anticipated it to be.
The man, who was 30 years old, said, "It's made of good quality." It is not only a good material that can protect against impact, but it is also very light and provides excellent protection when worn on the face. I was taken aback by the fact that it was much less heavy than I had anticipated. Ellyes Skhiri, who played for Tunisia and fractured his cheekbone in October while playing for FC Koln, also wore a black mask while competing in the World Cup.
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