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  1. #1. Why Is Nick Cannon Having So Many Kids?
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Why Is Nick Cannon Having So Many Kids?

Why is Nick Cannon having so many kids? With 12 children, most born in the past several years, Nick Cannon has one of the largest families in Hollywood. The TV presenter and his ex-wife Mariah Carey have twins named Moroccan and Monroe who are 11 years old. He is the father of three children with model Brittany Bell: 5-year-old son Golden, 20-month-old daughter Powerful, and 2-month-old boy Rise Messiah.
Abby De La Rosa, Nick's partner of a year, just gave birth to their third child, a daughter named Beautiful Zeppelin. Nick is also the father to Zion and Zillion, who are a year old. Nick also has a daughter, Onyx, with LaNisha Cole and a son, Apollo, with model Brie Tiesi, both of whom were born this year.

#1. Why Is Nick Cannon Having So Many Kids?

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Nick's increased fertility in recent years can be explained by either his frequent infidelity or his lack of commitment to serious long-term partnerships. Nick appears to have been romancing many women at once, since several of his children's moms gave birth within a few weeks of each other. He hasn't been accused of cheating by any of the moms yet.
Nick has given the impression that he is not a monogamous person. That implies the moms of his children were probably aware that he was seeing other women when he was dating them. "He referred to monogamy as a "Eurocentric paradigm," explaining that the idea that one should only have one partner for the rest of their lives originated in Europe.


And when you get right down to it, all it serves to do is categorize various forms of property. If we're serious about the concept that a guy should only ever marry one woman, then we have no right to anything. This person does not belong to me in any way."
After then, Nick said "This is about the kind of mutually beneficial interaction we can forge. Honestly, I just don't buy into that line of thinking. If we return to marriage's original intent, I can appreciate it as an institution. I have no legal claim to any of the moms. As a society, we produce families in the sense that we birth a new and wonderful being." The comedian also gave the impression that he planned each pregnancy and that his girlfriends were aware that he was growing his brood.

#2. The Inside Story

Why Is Nick Cannon Having So Many Kids Why Is Nick Cannon Having So Many Kids?
"They, and all women, are the ones who take the risk and say, "I'm going to let this man into my life, and I'm going to give birth to his kid." This isn't a choice I made; I'm only going along with the crowd "The conversation continued as Nick spoke. "These people understand how I feel. I don't go about asking random people, "Who am I going to impregnate next?" The female member of the couple is always the one to take charge and make the final call."
In other words, he didn't suffer any kind of accident. "I could have gotten pregnant with a number of other people, but I didn't. Those that did become pregnant were the intended ones." It's often assumed that Nick and the mothers of his children have a tense dynamic, and that the moms themselves may not get along. Even though they don't spend a lot of time together, insiders indicate that things are going swimmingly for the mother half of the blended family.
A source informed Entertainment Tonight that "the moms of Nick Cannon's children are courteous and respectful to each other." They don't venture far from home or their immediate sphere of interest, saying, "They cling to their own relatives." And, "Nick tries his best to balance everything, carve out time for everyone, and make sure each mother and her kid(s) feel special, significant, and loved,"
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