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  1. Why Is James Corden Returning To England?

Why Is James Corden Returning To England? Updated News

Why is James Cordern returning to England? James Corden's final episode as host of The Late Late Show was an emotional one in which he appealed with his fellow Americans to "find joy" despite the "divisions" and "negativity" in their nation. The program marked the end of Corden's term as head of The Late Late Show.

The Gavin and Stacey actress, who is 44 years old and has hosted the CBS show for eight years, went out with a bang, as Harry Styles, Will Ferrell, and Joe Biden all made cameo appearances, while Adele gave her final Carpool Karaoke performance.

Why Is James Corden Returning To England?

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James Corden recently shared the news that he would be moving back to the United Kingdom in order to be more in close proximity to his family. The couple's children are Max, who is 11 years old, Carey, who is 8, and Charlotte, who is 5 years old. The actor stated in an interview with The Times that he made the decision to quit The Late Late Show after he and his family were forced to delay their summer vacation due to the actor's work obligations.

Corden stated, "Max appeared to be in such disbelief when I told him, and at that moment I had this sudden realization of the math." Only another six summers will need to pass before our children will prefer to vacation with their friends rather than with us. If we're very lucky, maybe even six of them. I had to admit to myself that there was no way I could repeat it. "That's why I walked out," he added before leaving the room.


Why Is James Corden Returning To England

Additionally, he has asserted that emotionally, moving away from the United States would be very challenging for him. He expressed this sentiment to Good Morning Britain back in October 2014, saying, "I love where we live, and I love being in Los Angeles." I really enjoy it, but when we moved in, we were clear that this was just going to be a temporary trip and not a permanent home. This little island has had some pretty incredible things happen to it.

What it has produced and what it has contributed to the rest of the world. Being a local has always filled me with a strong sense of pride, and that feeling has never changed.
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