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  1. #1. Why Is Everyone Leaving YG Entertainment?
  2. #2. What Happened To YG?

Why Is Everyone Leaving YG Entertainment? What's Happening?

Why is everyone leaving YG Entertainment? YG Entertainment, together with JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment, has been regarded as one of the "Big Three" K-Pop businesses for such a long time that it almost feels like they have been doing it forever. The firm is home to some well-known actors and writers and some of the most famous names in the K-Pop music industry.
Despite this, the firm has undergone significant transitions over the last several months. Following the stunning announcement that TREASURE's Bang Yedam and Mashiho were quitting the group and firm, BIGBANG's TOP said earlier in the year that he was leaving YG Entertainment. This was followed by the revelation that TREASURE's members were leaving the organization.

#1. Why Is Everyone Leaving YG Entertainment?

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Last week, it was also revealed that Daesung and Taeyang, both members of BIGBANG, will be leaving YG, with Taeyang moving on to THE BLACK LABEL. This news came about within the last week. On December 30, it was also revealed that none of the members of iKON would renew their contracts with YG, even though they will continue to perform as a group under the YG label.
After seven years, the actor Kang Dong Won officially decided to terminate his contract with the organization. Even though it was determined that the speculations were not true, there were also claims that BLACKPINK was supposed to leave their label and go to THE BLACK LABEL.
YG Entertainment is still running strong with groups such as TREASURE, WINNER, and AKMU, as well as performers such as Lee Soo Hyuk and many others. Additionally, it was stated by YG Entertainment that they will be releasing a new female group at the beginning of the year 2023. Netizens have been debating what they think of the K-Pop firm in the middle of all the "chaos" that has ensued at YG Entertainment following the departure of many employees.

#2. What Happened To YG?

Why Is Everyone Leaving YG Entertainment
There was a time YG had the most stable relationship with its musicians. Now, internet users are perplexed about how, in the span of only a few short weeks, the firm lost some of its most prominent and long-tenured singers. Many people also brought up the fact that the unfavorable treatment of the groups was to blame for the loss of artists.
The label has come under fire for the fact that several of its artists, such as iKON and BLACKPINK, have gone an extended period without releasing new music or participating in promotional activities. The hashtag #IKONFREEDOM began trending as a result of the relief felt by many fans upon learning that the group would be moving on to a new label, where they would presumably receive more promotion.
Others pointed out that rather than concentrating on the acts that they already have, they should not be launching a new group because this is the worst thing that they could do. After portraying current happenings as possibly leading to the "Fall of YG Entertainment," a description posted by one user on TikTok went viral.
The sudden departure of such a huge number of artists came as a surprise to the firm's management, which had previously enjoyed widespread success and been recognized for its small but talented pool of stars. It would be fascinating to observe what the firm does heading into 2023 because internet users are discussing the future of YG Entertainment and the emergence of HYBE, which has transformed the "Big Three" into the "Big Four."
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