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  1. #1. Why Does Sia Cover Her Face?
  2. #2. Why Does She Usually Use Wigs?

Why Does Sia Cover Her Face? Comprehensively Explained

Why does Sia cover her face? Sia Kate Isobelle Furler is her complete name, which is somewhat unconventional given that she uses her mother's maiden name as her surname. During the development of her public character, she decided to forgo the use of her last name. Sia covers her face so she may be discreet and avoid prying eyes. She said the wigs were an attempt to provide an air of mystery to her performances.
Shocking as it may be, Sia is one of the rare musicians who refuses to accept the acclaim and attention that her music has brought her. During one of her appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres program, she explained her extensive justification for wearing flashy and huge wigs, saying that doing so provides her a little solitude, allowing her to live her life as a normal person while making music that people adore.

#1. Why Does Sia Cover Her Face?

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Sia didn't always utilize a wig or other disguises when she performed. As a singer, she first found success in the mid-1990s as the featured vocalist for the acid jazz band Crisp, with whom she recorded two albums before the group's eventual dissolution in 1997. She continued to develop as a vocalist while providing backup for the groundbreaking band of the '90s, Jamiroquai, and eventually became the de facto main singer for Zero 7.
Throughout the late aughts and the middle aughts, Sia steadily gained popularity in Australia and the United States. However, she quickly began to feel uneasy in the spotlight.


A rapid tumble into drunkenness, drug addiction, and despair is an all too-usual fate for those who suddenly become famous. Sia supposedly went through several down periods where she considered suicide, but her love of music kept her going. She quickly learned that the pressures of the spotlight and the music business were hazardous to her health.
The final straw was an incident in a one-on-one talk with a close buddy. Sia was out with a friend when a fan approached them and begged for photographs, interrupting their conversation to tell them that the buddy had cancer. Sia was traumatized by the ordeal.

#2. Why Does She Usually Use Wigs?

Why Does Sia Cover Her Face
Sia is a pretty young lady with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a cute little round face. Since her tragic ordeal, a wig has disguised Sia's face during concerts and award events. She has even gone to the extent of hiring Maddie Ziggler, a kid dancer, to portray her on stage. Additionally, Sia has occasionally performed with her back to the crowd.
Sia has never shown her face in public before. Pictures of Sia's actual face may be seen online, albeit primarily from 2010 and before. However, she rarely shows her face in public. Sia has been seen sans her signature wigs more frequently since 2022. Photos from the Kardashian family Christmas party show the singer performing with North West, her hair braided and her face in full view.
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