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  1. What Happened To Tiger Woods?
  2. Why Did Tiger Woods Withdraw From The Masters?

Why Did Tiger Woods Withdraw From The Masters?

Why did Tiger Woods withdraw from the Masters? Tiger Woods's plantar fasciitis has flared up again. Therefore he will miss the 2023 Masters. After qualifying for the weekend for the 23rd consecutive tournament at Augusta National Golf Club on Friday, Woods strained to walk on his surgically repaired leg amid the difficult weather conditions and rapid turnaround of rounds as he struggled to get the motor running in Round 3 on Saturday.

What Happened To Tiger Woods?

Why Did Tiger Woods Withdraw From The Masters Why Did Tiger Woods Withdraw From The Masters?
When Tiger fought to cut Round 2, his mood shifted radically after he fell while walking from the 16th green to the 17th tee. He groaned for the whole third round and winced as though in unbearable pain. As a result of Augusta National's storm teeing-off policy, Woods began his third 18-hole round on the back nine. After seven holes, he was already six strokes over par, making this Masters outing his worst ever. Bad weather postponed the afternoon round, shortening Woods' Sunday round to 29 holes.
Just strolling Augusta National over four rounds is an arduous task. Given his performances on Saturday and Sunday, when he completed more than 15 holes despite having a weak leg owing to the harsh, cold conditions, Tiger's retirement was not shocking.
Woods said, "I've always enjoyed this golf course, and I enjoy playing this event," after finishing his second round on Saturday without knowing if he would make the cut. "It has always been an ambition of mine to play in the Master's competition, but I have had to miss a few in the past due to injuries. I had a great time. My fingers are crossed that I'll get to play this weekend. I'm sorry. I was able to take some time off over the weekend to have some fun. It would be great if I could play in just two more games."

Why Did Tiger Woods Withdraw From The Masters?

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Because Woods has withdrawn, the five-time Masters champion can relax without worrying about making history. Woods had never fared so poorly at Augusta National before the weekend of the 2022 Masters, when he posted a 78. His lowest performance in a major championship before this year's Masters was an 81 (ten over par). Those records would have been broken if his third round at the Masters had proceeded on Sunday as planned.
On Tuesday, before the Masters tournament began, Woods said, "I don't know how many more I have in me." "Thus, [it's nice] that I'm in a position where I can make the most of things and eventually look back on this time with pleasure. The golf course appears to have been there for decades if not centuries, but every time we visit, there are new features and upgrades."


Since the start of 2022, Woods has dropped out of two of five tournaments. After shooting a 9-over 79 in the third round at Southern Hills, Woods cut and withdrew from the 2022 PGA Championship. Since he was an amateur in the 1995 U.S. Open, Tiger hadn't been eliminated from a major tournament. He had never withdrawn from a major before becoming a working professional. Since the 2019 Northern Trust opening round, Woods has not had to withdraw from a tournament.
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