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  1. Why Was Denise Huskins Kidnapped?
  2. Is Denise Huskins Alive?

Why Did Matthew Muller Kidnap Denise Huskins? The Crazy Mistake

In 2015, a scary situation unfolded when Denise Huskins and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn experienced a really bad situation in Vallejo, California. A mysterious figure, wearing a wetsuit, broke into Aaron's residence, subjecting the couple to a really scary experience involving blindfolds and a drug that makes you sleep. This invader was later identified as Matthew Muller.


Originally, Muller's target was Aaron's ex-fiancée, Andrea, not Denise. A mix-up led to Denise being abducted instead. Muller’s actions were driven by a complex blend of mental illness and delusion.

Suffering from untreated mental health issues, he fancied himself as part of a gang of smart criminals, akin to characters in heist movies. His unstable mental state, combined with a background in law and military, ended up in this weird and sad crime.


Key Takeaways

  • Denise Huskins was kidnapped by mistake; Matthew Muller actually wanted to snatch Aaron's ex but got Denise instead.
  • Muller, mixed up with mental health troubles, thought he was a big-time criminal, leading to the crime.
  • Denise bounced back from her kidnapping, facing doubts but eventually getting her life on track and suing the Vallejo police.

Why Was Denise Huskins Kidnapped?

Why Did Matthew Muller Kidnap Denise Huskins Source: FOX

The kidnapping of Denise Huskins by Matthew Muller was mainly because of a mix-up. Muller had initially planned to abduct Aaron Quinn's ex-fiancée, Andrea, but due to her recent move, he inadvertently kidnapped Denise instead. This tragic error was made worse by Muller's severe mental health issues.

His untreated mental health issues, characterized by extreme paranoia, played a significant role in his criminal behavior. Muller's delusional state led him to believe he was part of a group of top-level criminals, starting what he called "practice runs" for bigger crimes.


Is Denise Huskins Alive?

Why Was Denise Huskins Kidnapped Source: FOX

Denise Huskins, fortunately, survived her scary situation. After being kidnapped and assaulted, she was eventually released near her family's home in Huntington Beach. In the aftermath, Denise faced unfair doubts and public questioning, stemming from initial police disbelief regarding her abduction.

However, she overcame these challenges and has since rebuilt her life. Denise, alongside Aaron Quinn, whom she later married, has become an example of strength and getting through. They have since welcomed a child into their family and successfully took legal action against the Vallejo police for their mishandling of the case.

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