Why Did Candy Kill Betty? What Is Her Motive To Kill Her Best Friend?

Love & Death had been in production for two months before Candy was announced and Biel reached out to Olsen personally. “I think it was more just kind of like, ‘Oh, great. This is nice that we are both acknowledging this thing because we were filming simultaneously,” Olsen explained. “That was a big shock to all of us that there was another show being made when we were already filming. But there’s nothing you can do about it.”
So why did Candy Montgomery kill Betty Gore and what was the reason for her alleged murder? Read on for the motive that was revealed in the trial for why Candy Montgomery killed Betty Gore and whether Candy went to jail for her best friend’s death.

#1. Why Did Candy Montgomery Kill Betty Gore?

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On June 13, 1980, Candy Montgomery had gone to the Gore residence to pick up a swimsuit for Betty's daughter Alisa, and to ask if she could stay another night at the Montgomery residence, per In & Around. As reported by Bustle, Montgomery would also reveal that Alisa wanted to join her kids to watch Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back at the movies. However, during what should have been a brief conversation, things reportedly turned ugly between the two women.
While preparing for trial, Montgomery's lawyer enlisted the help of Dr. Fred Fason to uncover why the housewife had snapped, per Texas Monthly. The publication noted that, under hypnosis, Montgomery claimed that Betty had confronted her about the affair with Allan. In Montgomery's account, Betty allegedly left the room and returned with the ax, telling her former friend not to see her husband again. According to Texas Monthly, Betty put the ax down, and the pair engaged in pleasantries about their children, and what Alisa would need for her swimming lesson. According to Montgomery (via Texas Monthly), she apologized to Betty for the affair, which only caused the mother-of-two to become angry, pick up the ax, and allegedly utter, "I’ve got to kill you."

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A struggle reportedly ensued. Per Texas Monthly, "The flat side of the blade slapped against the side of Candy’s bobbling head," causing her to bleed. Betty allegedly swung the ax down, gashing Montgomery's toe in the process. According to Texas Monthly, Montgomery managed to take control of the ax, and a violent episode occurred, leaving Betty dead.
One of the most chilling details of the chase involves what Montgomery did after the murder. Per The Dallas Morning News, Montgomery took a shower in the Gore's bathroom, left Betty's one-year-old baby in the house alone, then seemingly continued with her day as if nothing had happened. Texas Monthly reported that Montgomery returned home to shower, change her bloody clothes, and soak her shirt in the sink. According to Texas Monthly, she subsequently picked up her children, and Alisa Gore, from Bible camp, and waited for her husband Pat to finish work so they could go to the movies.
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#2. The Jury's Surprising Decision.

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Along with her own confession, and a very clear motive, the evidence against Montgomery began to mount. For instance, investigators found Montgomery's hair in the Gore's shower drain, along with her blood at the scene, per In & Around. However, in court, Montgomery appeared to have a very good defense.
Montgomery's psychiatrist, Dr. Fason, claimed that she had committed the grievous act during a "dissociative reaction," stemming from unresolved anger in her childhood, per The Dallas Morning News. On the stand, Montgomery would admit to killing her friend, claiming that she'd done so in self-defense, per Texas Monthly. The publication also noted, "Candy was intelligent, attractive, direct, she handled herself well, and she used the best possible explanation, the 'I freaked out' excuse."
The jury took less than five hours to make a decision, acquitting Montgomery of all murder charges, making her a free woman, via The Dallas Morning News. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about entertainment news.
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