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  1. #1. Bukayo Saka With A Sense Of Vivacity

Why Arsenal's Bukayo Saka Deserved To Win 2022 England Fans' Footballer Of The Year?

Everyone enjoys hearing about successful comebacks, and Bukayo Saka's tale is one of the most motivational. There aren't too many people who are 19 years old who would have ever considered volunteering to take a penalty in the championship game of the European Championship, much less the fifth and decisive one. What was the just compensation for such an act of courage and bravery on his part? Some of the most heinous abuse one could ever imagine. Let's see why Bukayo Saka deserves to win the Best Player award in 2022. 

Arsenal's Bukayo Saka Source: Getty Images

This kind of harrowing event would have been sufficient, in the case of the majority of adolescents, to cause them to veer radically off course in their pursuit of stardom. However, after putting in a lot of work to discover another gear to add to his exceptional talent, Saka has made it such that the night he played in Wembley was nothing more than a speed bump.

#1. Bukayo Saka With A Sense Of Vivacity

Arsenal's Bukayo Saka

It's hard to believe that people still question his morality after everything he's done in 2022. Steven Gerrard suggested that Saka should toughen up after the latter was kicked from pillar to post and asked for extra protection from the refs. Saka has previously requested additional protection from the officials. It was obvious that the former manager of Aston Villa hadn't been paying close enough attention.

Saka continues playing with the same vivacity and freedom that makes him such a delight to watch, even though he is continually tossed from one support to another weekly. This season, Hale Ender has added end product to his game by scoring 11 goals and dishing out eight assists. As a result, he is no longer being discussed as one of the best young players in the Premier League but as one of the best full-stop players in the league.

Still Shining Among Other Young Talents

Arsenal's Bukayo Saka

After playing an instrumental role in guiding Arsenal to an unexpected run at the Premier League title, he is now completely committed to bringing an end to England's men's national team's 56-year wait for a championship. It says a lot about him that he has been Gareth Southgate's most consistent starting player, even though he has already scored three goals in Qatar. Phil Foden, Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford, and Jack Grealish are some of the attacking talents of this team.

Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne are also competing for the Fans' Footballer of the Year award for 2022, but you shouldn't let the big names fool you into thinking they are the best candidates.

Beth Mead, named player of the tournament at the Euros and nominated for the Ballon d'Or, deserves mention here since she is possibly the only player who can come close to competing with what the 21-year-old has accomplished this season. After that terrible night at Wembley last summer, it is very difficult to look past Saka, who has had a year that very few people could have even imagined having.
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