20 Cases Of Wholesome And Harmless Vandalism Spotted In Public

Seriously, have you ever thought of committing a small crime just because you're so tired of "behaving" in the way this society expects from you? Or do you simply feel bored and want to rebel in some way just for fun? Well, it seems that there are many people out there who want to do the same thing. They are having fun while making sure that their so-called "crimes" do not exceed the limits. How do they do that? They change some words on a signboard to make it say hilarious things, they put some goggle eyes on images of celebs, and they draw some small and cute animals on the wall. And that's called mild vandalism.
We have collected 20 examples of wholesome and harmless vandalism spotted out in the wild. Scroll down for some fun! Check out our earlier article here for more!

#1. It's supposed to say "Come in salted leave unsalted"

Source: RAGINGWOLF198666

#2. This electricity box

Source: palat-schinken

#3. She belongs to the streets

Source: SFarbo

#4. Sheffield

Source: fish-and-cushion

#5. Sign vandalised in Western Sydney

Source: Nullifier_

#6. Vandalised road sign

Source: Random_Introvert_42

#7. Easter section in Walmart

Source: Hibatica

#8. Make sure to use the correct hole

Source: Fyrrys

#9. Works on so many levels

Source: SputnikFrank

#10. Not by accident for sure

Source: ACDCsux

#11. That lifeguard broke somebody’s heart

Source: ButterscotchVast7676

#12. Wise words either way

Source: Steve_Hufnagel

#13. Resistance

Source: chokeslam512

#14. Morton Williams

Source: rr4242

#15. Hold on!

Source: bawlsdeip

#16. Outside a High School

Source: Terminthem

#17. Cum

Source: lozengesOfConfusion

#18. Insert poo key

Source: Wrong_Kitchen

#19. GAY CITY, found on a wall in Chinatown, Victoria

Source: Dragoned_cat

#20. In Sheffield, UK

Source: stanrandom

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