20 Acts Of Mild Vandalism That Are Too Funny To Handle

First things first, under no circumstances should we encourage any act of crime. However, sometimes we think that we should legalize "crimes" if they can brighten up our blue day, like acts of mild vandalism. Drawing some small details on everyday objects, putting googly eyes on pictures of people on public billboards, adding or erasing some texts in signs, and so on. People just do that randomly and anyone who stumbles into them can have a reason to laugh out loud.
In the gallery below, 20 cases of mild vandalism were compiled to help you reduce stress. Scroll down for some fun! If you are hungry for more, check out our previous round-up here when you're done!

#1. Someone had fun at our local hardware store

Source: saganrae

#2. Do not block...

Source: aTinyFart

#3. “Earth is closed today”

Source: Rambos_Beard

#4. Oddly inspirational

Source: DJ_DTM

#5. That’s a W

Source: friendlysaxoffender

#6. Perfection

Source: Laslopaniflex

#7. And yet it still gets the point across, perhaps even more so if there's enough water to surf.

Source: TryHard-Rune

#8. When you don‘t abide to your own rules

Source: SinisterVeteran

#9. Someone put giant googley eyes on a Tim Misny billboard

Source: Former_Fisherman3566

#10. Now twice as expensive

Source: Illustrious_Map_3247

#11. Are you?

Source: bhola64

#12. Lock mildly vandalized by goggly eyes in my school

Source: Guy_Throwing_Lemons

#13. Do not use elevator s*x

Source: RileyWaffle

#14. Googly eyes make everything better!

Source: JeffBoyardee69

#15. Found at a cleaning station in a branch of Tesco

Source: rumbelows

#16. Die slowly

Source: aleksejvu

#17. K-47-Eleven. Coming soon!

Source: MEU420

#18. He's looking at your wallet

Source: AarTheCat1206

#19. Spotted on the local Metra

Source: kikibot21

#20. Someone at work is looking out for you

Source: Arctic_Scholar

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