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  1. #1. Who Was Gideon On Criminal Minds?
  2. #2. Why Did Gideon Leave?

Who Was Gideon On Criminal Minds? Why Did He Leave?

Who was Gideon on Criminal Minds? Here we go! The FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit was the primary focus of the criminal procedural television series Criminal Minds, aired on CBS from 2005 until 2020. The Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU) was a squad of criminal profilers who traveled around the country to consult on local crimes and track down and apprehend criminals using behavioral analysis.
The original squad consisted of seven main characters, but the BAU has had several others filling out their roster over the years. The character of Senior Supervisory Special Agent Jason Gideon, played by Mandy Patinkin, was one of the characters who left the show early in the third season in what appeared to be an unexpected manner.

#1. Who Was Gideon On Criminal Minds?

Who Was Gideon On Criminal Minds Source: Criminal Minds
Gideon took a six-month medical vacation from the BAU in the pilot episode of Criminal Minds titled "Extreme Aggressor" due to the post-traumatic anxiety he had when a bomber he was profiling killed six agents under Gideon's supervision. This episode marked Gideon's return to the BAU. He was a kind individual who carried the weight of his personal and professional responsibilities. As a direct consequence, Gideon accepted full responsibility for the hardships endured by his team members.
This was notably the case with the young Dr. Spencer Reid, Gideon's particularly close friend, who held this position. Gideon chose Reid for him from among the Academy's students. The two faced up against one another frequently in chess games, which Gideon, being more perceptive, won every time. Gideon felt responsible for the incident in which Reid was kidnapped and subjected to horrific treatment by a serial killer. The last thing he did before leaving the BAU was to leave a farewell letter for Reid, in which he said that he was departing in quest of optimism and happy endings.

#2. Why Did Gideon Leave?

Who Was Gideon On Criminal Minds
Gideon left the BAU for reasons that were never revealed on screen, and one of those reasons was Mandy Patinkin. Patinkin felt compelled to leave the broadcast because of the content that was being discussed. He stated that his decision to star in the television show Criminal Minds in the first place was the "worst public blunder I've ever made."
He made a point to raise attention to the routine acts of violence committed against women and characterized the subject matter as a burden on his mental health and soul. On the other hand, Patinkin is not one to pass judgment on those who watch shows like Criminal Minds. He didn't want that degree of brutality in his day-to-day existence, especially considering that he signed up for the series in the first place because he thought it would be something entirely different than what it turned out to be.


According to the official statement released by the crew behind Criminal Minds, Patinkin quit the show due to "creative differences." This is a common excuse used by actors who seek to leave a series they believe no longer suits them and is one of the reasons the statement was released. Both accounts seem to support each other's integrity, even though the official explanation is significantly less precise than the reasons that Patinkin himself has outlined in greater detail.
A short time later, Patinkin became a regular cast member on the show Homeland. Based on his reasons for leaving Criminal Minds, some people have suggested that this choice was hypocritical. This is because both of these series have been accused of having an excessive amount of violence and being misogynistic. Even though Patinkin was only on Criminal Minds for a short period, he was nevertheless able to make an impression on the show.
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