Who Plays Ni’Jah In Swarm? Meet Nirine S. Brown

Who Plays Ni' Jah In Swarm? "Swarm" is a new horror series on Prime Video that premiered on March 17, 2023. The show, created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers, follows Dre, a young woman who becomes obsessed with a pop star named Ni'Jah. Ni'Jah, who is played by an actress named Nirine S. Brown, has been drawing comparisons to Beyoncé, but it is unclear if her character was actually inspired by the superstar. The show is based on events that took place between 2016 and 2018.
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The teaser trailer for "Swarm" was released on February 10, and the official trailer dropped on February 24. Both trailers have created a lot of buzzes online, with many fans speculating about the similarities between Ni'Jah and Beyoncé. Despite the comparisons, it is unknown if there is any actual correlation between the two pop stars. The show's creators have not commented on the matter, so viewers will have to watch the show to find out.

#1. Who Plays Ni’Jah In Swarm?

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Actress Nirine S. Brown stars as Ni'Jah, a world-famous pop star and one-half of a music power couple with rapper Caché, in the new horror series "Swarm" on Prime Video. Despite having some haters, Ni'Jah is beloved by millions across the world and has a fan club that supports her through everything, similar to Beyoncé's Bey-hive. As the series progresses, viewers will see just how far Dre, a young woman obsessed with Ni'Jah, will go to fuel her obsession.


Ni'Jah, the fictional pop star in the Prime Video series "Swarm," has been compared to Beyoncé due to their similar-sounding fandoms. Both pop stars have fan clubs that refer to their idols as "Queen," with Beyoncé having the Beyhive, and Ni'Jah having the Swarm. The "Swarm" trailer even features a swarm of bees, possibly a nod to Beyoncé's fan base. The show's cast includes Chlöe, one-half of the duo Chloe x Halle and a protégé of Beyoncé, as Dre's sister.
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While "Swarm" creators Janine Nabers and Donald Glover haven't confirmed that the series is based on Beyoncé, there are many similarities between the two. The events in the series, which take place between 2016 and 2018, closely correlate with what happened to Beyoncé during that time. Ni'Jah's husband, rapper Caché, is also similar to Jay-Z, as they are both rap moguls, and the storyline involves Ni'Jah discovering Caché's infidelity through a song, similar to what happened with Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

#2. More about Nirine S. Brown

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Nirine S. Brown was born in Queens, New York City, and is known for her roles in White Boy Brown, Sprinter, and Swarm. She is an actress best known for playing Lynn Rollins on the BET series Ruthless, a spinoff of Tyler Perry's The Oval. Brown stars alongside Melissa L. Williams and Baadja-Lyne Odums in the series. She started her acting career in 2010 with the role of Diana in White Boy Brown, and later appeared in other Movies before making a one-episode appearance on Abbott Elementary. Her next role will be in the film Shepherd, set to be released in the fall of 2023.
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