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Who Plays Kim Burgess On Chicago PD? Meet Marina Squerciati

Searching for information about Marina Squerciati, who plays Kim Burgess on Chicago PD? "Chicago Police Department" returns with the eighth season of the show. Has given Kim Burgess' mental health, particularly her PTSD, a larger amount of attention (PTSD). Questions over Burgess's future on the NBC show were generated by a scene in the episode "Out of the Depths" on March 29, 2022.
In this scene, Sergeant Hank Voight asks Burgess if he needs to know anything. Burgess responds by asking Voight if there is anything he needs to know. Before we discover what happened to Marina Squerciati, let's start by learning some interesting tidbits about her.

Trivia About Marina Squerciati, Who Plays Kim Burgess On Chicago PD

Who Plays Kim Burgess On Chicago PD Source: Chicago PD
She received her diploma in 2003, and ever since then, she has had several opportunities to demonstrate that she was a capable student who paid great attention to the instruction she received from her instructors. Many individuals who helped her get an education are likely filled with a sense of pride.
It would seem that Marina Squerciati has no issues with the attention that is directed at her, which is very appropriate. She has done something right to be one of the more prominent actors working today who could potentially command a decent salary and the kind of adoration from fans that are sometimes hard to come by. Her skills on stage and screen appear to be good enough to have nabbed her a rather large number of followers who want to see what she is doing and what she might have upcoming in her career.


Although, arguably, many famous individuals share this trait, the lower one is on the fame totem pole, the more likely it is that the trait will be indicative of the genuine identities of the admirers. And even if she isn't particularly low, she is low enough that people want to see more of her even though she isn't intimidating.
She is now in the middle of her age range, which means she still has a good amount of time to build her career into something truly spectacular by the time she is in her 40s or 50s. Then, you may reasonably believe that she is a seasoned professional in acting or, at the very least, someone whose opinion is worth considering. She is well-known right now, but I think that in ten or twenty years, people will look up to her even more.

Marina Squerciati's Net Worth

Who Plays Kim Burgess On Chicago PD Marina Squerciati Who Plays Kim Burgess On Chicago PD
It is believed that she has a worth of roughly 500,000 dollars. It would be interesting to see how much money a celebrity makes from Movies against how much money they make from television. In the world of television, some renowned persons are thought to have a net worth of fewer than one million dollars. However, many famous people are estimated to have ten million dollars or more net worth in the film business.

Fun Facts Between Marina Squerciati And Chicago Series

The character of Kim Burgess, which Marina has performed on several Chicago-based police and fire series, as well as on the medical drama Chicago Med and the courtroom drama Chicago Justice, has been recurring for Marina. This is by no means the greatest accomplishment in the history of the world, but the fact that it has been accomplished at all is remarkable in and of itself.

What Actually Happened To Kim Burgess?

What Happened To Kim Burgess On Chicago PD What Actually Happened To Kim Burgess On Chicago PD?
During the eighth season of Chicago P.D., the Intelligence Unit was on the hunt for a criminal organization responsible for several crimes, one of which was the killing of Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller's son. Towards the end of Season 8 Episode 15, "The Right Thing," the suspect who had knocked Burgess unconscious earlier in the episode approached her as she sat alone in her car.
In the episode titled "The Other Side," which served as the season's conclusion, it was revealed that Burgess had been abducted, severely abused, and ultimately shot. She spent the end of the season in the hospital, while Voight (Jason Beghe) and Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) spent most of Season 9 dealing with the consequences of Roy Walton's death.


Burgess goes on an emotional journey after getting caught on a subway train in the Chicago P.D. episode number 200, which is named "Trapped," The issue is repeated for the entirety of Season 10 of the show. During the series, she is shown attending therapy, and the theme of this session is brought up again in the episode "Out of the Depths," in which she argues that her life consists of more than the events that took place between her and Roy.
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