Who Plays Adonis's Daughter In Creed 3? Introduce Amara Creed & Mila Davis-Kent

Want to know who plays Adonis's daughter in Creed 3? Meet the brilliant newcomer actress Mila Davis-Kent.
In Creed 2, we got to see Adonis Creed (played by Michael B. Jordan) propose to Bianca (played by Tessa Thompson). Together, they have a lovely daughter named Amara Creed. As influenced by her dad, many expect Amara to grow up as a brave and strong figure just like her father.

#1. What Happened To Adonis's Daughter In Creed 3?

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The background of Creed 3 was set in 2020, which means the timeline of the movie is 8 years after Creed 2. Amara had already turned 8 years old. Under her father's instructions, she started praticing boxing moves since a young age.
Many people might misunderstand that Amara would become a boxing player under the pressure from her family. Well, the truth is completely different: Amara took up the sport on her own interest. Adonis and Bianca never forces Bianca to do things that she doesn't like, it's her pure enjoyment in boxing that leads her to this path.
We could say that Amara grew up in a genuine and loving family. Her parents and grandparents always do their best to support Amara in every way possible, both mentally and physically. A lot of scenes in the movie were used to portray the heartwarming dynamic between Amara and her family.


#2. Is Adonis's Daughter In Creed 3 Deaf?

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Just like her mother Bianca, Amara was born hard of hearing. In Creed 2, we already saw how devastated Adonis and Bianca were when the couple found out that their child is deaf. They were scared that Amara's condition would create a lot of obstacles in her life. Their worries were right: even though Amara came from a successful family, she was still being bullied at school for being deaf. However, thanks to the guidance of her family and her own's strong power, Amara was able to overcome any challenge.
Amara mainly used American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with her family. There are nearly complete silence scenes throughout the movie when Amara exchange conversations with her family members. In order to appropriately and correctly portray ASL, the Creed 3 cast members also learnt how to use ASL during the course of the movie.


"It's a community of people that didn't really get true representation as much as they should and we use this as an opportunity to do that. Learning ASL and normalizing it was a really big deal for us.", Michael B. Jordan shared his opinion about the representation of deaf community in a press conference for Creed 3.

#3. Would There Be A Sequel About Adonis's Daughter?

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According to viewers' reviews, a sequel about Amara Creed is most likely to happen in the near future. Amara is considered a character full of potentials. Being the daughter of Adonis Creed, she inherits a lot of her father bright characteristics, for example, her eager and talent in boxing.
However, her journey in boxing would definitely be filled with struggles and challenges. It's already hard to live as a person who has a hearing condition. When it comes to boxing, it would be so much more difficult. This would make Amara a perfect fit to become main character of a sequel movie.

#4. Is Mila Davis-Kent Deaf In Real Life?

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In 2013 Mila Davis Kent was born in the United States. She grew up in the loving arms of her mother, Kimberly Davis, and father, Michael Davis, in the United States. Up until now, her parents still haven't revealed much about themselves to the media.
Just like the character she plays, Mila Davis-Kent is also deaf in real life. She is a 5th grade student at California School for the Deaf, Riverside (CSDR). Before Creed 3, Mila also appeared on The Resident. There isn't much information about her at the moment, but we can already tell that the girl has a bright future with plenty of good offers ahead of her.
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