Who Played Nefertari In The Ten Commandments? Meet Anne Baxter

Who played Nefertari in The Ten Commandments? Meet Anne Baxter!  The American stage, screen, and television actress Anne Baxter's career stretched over half a century and featured parts in various mediums. Instead of pressuring Anne to pursue an education beyond high school, Anne's family encouraged and supported her decision to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Meet Anne Baxter, Who Played Nefertari In The Ten Commandments?

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She was employed by "20th Century Fox" for most of her career; however, she was never given many opportunities to shine due to the presence of more prominent actresses on the studio's payroll, such as Linda Darnell, Gene Tierney, and Jeanne Crain. She was employed by "20th Century Fox." Even though she was a fantastic actress, Fox used her in their "give-and-take" negotiations with other studios.
Since she was so versatile and easily played several roles in a wide variety of contexts, Fox was able to lend her out to other production firms like Paramount and Universal. These businesses wanted her because she was so flexible. She had a difficult time at 20th Century Fox, even though she is now considered a cinematic classic by most of the film industry. Failures marred her whole career as an actress, yet she managed to triumph despite these obstacles.

Anne Baxter's History of Career

Who Played Nefertari In The Ten Commandments Anne Baxter Played Nefertari In The Ten Commandments
When Baxter was ten years old, she went to watch Helen Hayes perform in a show on Broadway. After that, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in acting. Her first performance on Broadway occurred when she was 13 years old. At this period, Baxter was a student of the famed theater teacher Maria Ouspenskaya.
When Baxter was just 16 years old, she tried out for the position of Mrs. DeWinter in the film Rebecca. But, director Alfred Hitchcock finally used Joan Fontaine because he felt Baxter was "too young" for the job. Despite this, she was offered a contract with 20th Century Fox for seven years due to the popularity of the audition. 1940 marked the year that she made her screen debut in the picture 20 Mule Team.
Her role in the movie version of Booth Tarkington's novel The Magnificent Ambersons was written for her by Orson Welles, who also adapted the novel. In the film The Razor's Edge, released in 1946, Baxter played a supporting part opposite Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney. For her performance, she was awarded an Academy Award. She was cast as a co-star in All About Eve in 1950 based on her uncanny resemblance to Claudette Colbert.


Who Played Nefertari In The Ten Commandments
The idea was to have her character gradually come to match Claudette Colbert's throughout the film visually, and the casting decision was based on that similarity. Baxter was considered for a nomination for a Golden Globe for her work in the role of Eve Harrington. Their professional theatrical career of Baxter continued for a good portion of the subsequent decade.
According to the program for the 1953 Broadway production of Charles Laughton's John Brown's Body, in which Baxter performed opposite Tyrone Power, the play was produced in New York City. The narrative poetry by Stephen Vincent Benét served as the play's inspiration. I Confess, directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Montgomery Clift, was one of the films in which she appeared.
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