Who Played Aunt Viv In Bel Air? Meet Cassandra Freeman As Bel-Air's New Aunt Viv

Searching for information about Cassandra Freeman, who played Aunt Viv in Bel Air? The forthcoming season of Bel-Air will have its scripts written by Morgan Cooper and Rasheed Newson, and these scripts will have both a dynamic ensemble cast and gripping tales. The show expertly examines the issues encountered by modern families, which appeals to viewers of all ages and strikes all the appropriate chords with those viewers.
Let's check out some facts about Cassandra Freeman, who portrays the much-loved character of Aunt Viv in this season's installment of Bel Air. She brought a fresh perspective to the much-loved character, who was also Uncle Phil's wife, and we were curious to hear her opinions on how she approached playing such a complex role.

About Cassandra Freeman, Who Played Aunt Viv In Bel Air

Who Played Aunt Viv In Bel Air Source: Bel Air
She may not seem like it, but she came into the world in the 1970s. She was born on October 1st, 1978, and will be 43 years old in 2020. With how she presents herself, you would never suspect she is in her forties. She spent her childhood in Florida but now considers New York City her true home. She was born and reared in Florida. It wasn't just for obtaining her MFA that she enrolled in graduate school.


She finally moved to a different part of the city, and nowadays, you can find her living the good life in Brooklyn, where she is employed, has found love, and is living her best life. She has been there for some time now and finds that the city's fast-paced lifestyle is ideal for her. Cassandra Freeman was born and raised in Florida, even though she does not call that state her permanent home. Specifically, she has spent her whole life in West Palm Beach. Although we do not know how long she has lived here, the neighborhood certainly feels familiar to her.

Cassandra Freeman Appears In Bel-Air As The New Aunt Viv

Who Played Aunt Viv In Bel Air Meet Cassandra Freeman As Bel-Air's New Aunt Viv
When Cassandra Freeman was a child, she probably didn't give much thought to the possibility that one day she'd be able to appear in a television series that her peers were watching. She probably never thought she'd get the chance to play out and experience firsthand what Will Smith and his co-stars were doing when they filmed this program in the '90s until she got the news that she was cast as part of the 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' revival.
For instance, she probably never thought she'd get to play out and experience firsthand what Will Smith and his co-stars were doing. Her notoriety has reached new heights as a direct result of the fact that she is a part of the new cast of the reimagined series.

Cassandra Freema's Movies And TV Shows

She has been in several other Hollywood productions since she began her career as an actor, but she considers the part she played in this show to be one of her all-time favorites. She appreciated performing in the program for several different reasons, one of which was the amazing cast she had the opportunity to work with while she was there.


With the next relaunch, we can't wait to meet Aunt Viv and the rest of the new cast members joining them. Cassandra Freeman, a favorite among the viewing public, has been selected to play the decade's coolest parent role. Everyone wishes they had had an aunt like Viv while they were growing up, and now she can finally fulfill that position.
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