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  1. #1. Who Killed Ray In Kaleidoscope?

Who Killed Ray In Kaleidoscope? Fully Explained

Who killed Ray in Kaleidoscope? Ray Vernon, the protagonist of Netflix's 'Kaleidoscope,' plots a spectacular robbery to steal billions of dollars. Assembling a group of six experts, he has everyone covered. Developing a strategy about more than just money has taken Ray a lifetime of patience and planning.
He plans on wreaking havoc on the man responsible for his life's devastation.  By choosing the road of vengeance, however, Ray buries his opponent, himself, and the people he cares about. Ultimately, the outcome is not what was anticipated.

#1. Who Killed Ray In Kaleidoscope?

Who Killed Ray In Kaleidoscope Source: Netflix
The events of 'Kaleidoscope', which follow Ray long after the theft is completed, are full of unexpected turns. His wife dies while he is out on business 25 years before the crime occurs. His daughter is taken away from him once he is imprisoned. He was incarcerated for a total of seventeen years. This punishment is self-inflicted and legally mandated due to his remorse over his wife's death. He subsequently learns, however, that he has Parkinson's disease. He likely has only a few months or years left to live.
Hearing of his impending execution motivates him to take action, and he escapes from jail to find his daughter, whom he has not seen in seventeen years. He longs for a chance at peace and reconciliation with her. Ava provides him with a new identity and aids him in staging his death to accomplish his goals. He may start again as Leo Pap, with everyone believing that Ray is dead, even the FBI.
As he was settling into his new persona as Leo, he learned that his archenemy Graham Davies had done the same thing. He's changed his name to Roger Salas and possesses all of Ray's cherished possessions. Ray begins to plot a robbery on him, which leads him to take the Triplets' bonds and wreck them financially. His daughter, who had no idea of Roger's history, is his inside man.


Who Killed Ray In Kaleidoscope Who Killed Ray In Kaleidoscope?
She agrees to assist him, but not before she gives him a heads-up about the folks he plans to loot. Roger Salas's life may be ruined, but the Triplets wouldn't be as forgiving. What Hannah dreads ends up occurring. She took the ties from the Triplets and returned nearly all of them to the crew to save her father and the others. The Triplets are still at risk despite Ray's theft. Thieves had never before targeted them for such a reason. Though they successfully recovered their funds, they must also guard their good name.
Ray's attack sent a message to would-be burglars that stealing from the Triplets is easier than they thought. To succeed in doing so and remaining unpunished is a whole other matter. Ray and Ava manage to stay under the radar for quite some time, during which they are safe from the authorities and the Triplets. But once Ava is gone, and his money is gone, Ray is left with nothing. It has been more apparent that he does not have long to live as his condition has deteriorated over the past few months.
Reckoning with his destiny, he returns to New York and reconciles with his daughter and Roger Salas. As the credits roll, we hear a gunshot and see the screen go black as someone goes up behind him and puts a pistol to his head. We don't witness Ray get shot, but it's easy to assume that this time he's dead. The triplets didn't sit around and wait for him to recover from his sickness. As a warning to those who may consider robbing them again, they had him executed as soon as he emerged from concealment.
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