Who Is Patrick Macon In My 600-Lb. Life? Where Is He Now? Updated on His Heath Condition

Tonight's installment of My 600-Lb. Life featured Patrick Macon, leading viewers to question what has occurred since, and if there is any news on how his weight loss journey has been going. To start, let's explore the events that took place in tonight's episode, and then Tv Shows Ace will investigate whether any updates on Patrick's current situation have been made available.

#1. My 600-Lb. Life: Meet Patrick Macon

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Tonight, viewers were introduced to Patrick Macon and his lovely wife Amanda, as well as his 16-year-old daughter. Patrick shared that he and Amanda have been married for 20 years, but his daughter is not biologically hers. Patrick admitted to making a wrong decision, but it resulted in his daughter and he considers that to be a blessing. Fortunately, Amanda was able to forgive him and they have since worked out their differences.
Patrick Macon’s daughter did not live with him. But, it appeared as if she lived at a house nearby and spent a lot of time at his house. Understandably, it was hard for her and him both when he ended up moving to Texas to get weight loss surgery.

#2.  Where Is Patrick Macon Now?

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It is unfortunate that the Facebook profiles of Patrick and Amanda are quite restricted, meaning there is not much news on how they have been since the show finished shooting. Amanda's profile picture does feature herself as well as Patrick with only his head visible, and this was posted two years back. Patrick's profile picture was changed a month ago, but it is just of his daughter. The picture does reveal that his daughter had a recent 18th birthday celebration, which means that the filming of the show had to have started about two years ago.
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Who Is Patrick Macon In My 600-Lb LifeSource: Insider

Unfortunately, Patrick’s profile also reveals he was diagnosed with gallbladder and bile duct cancer. Amanda’s profile also seemingly confirms his devastating diagnosis happened sometime last night. Sadly, there do not appear to be any recent photos of Patrick for fans to get an update on how he is looking after having weight loss surgery.
Fans remain hopeful that he took Dr. Now’s diet seriously after having surgery and continued to lose weight. The unfortunate truth is fans really didn’t see him lose very much weight on the show compared to the last few cast members/episodes.

#3. What happened to Patrick on 'My 600-lb Life'?

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Despite his typically stern and straightforward demeanor towards his patients on 'My 600-lb Life,' Dr. Now rarely becomes as agitated as he did with Patrick. Patrick's excuses for not losing weight demonstrated insincerity, but Dr. Now, who has heard many similar excuses from patients over his years running a weight reduction clinic, usually maintains his composure while remaining firm. However, Patrick's behavior seemed to push Dr. Now past his limits, highlighting the doctor's concern for his patients. While Dr. Now may have spoken harshly to Patrick, it was only to help him face the truth about his situation. Although Patrick's journey towards weight loss began poorly, other 'My 600-lb Life' participants have also struggled at first before turning things around. Dr. Now's irritation may be due to the fact that Patrick's health is at risk. Ultimately, the well-known weight loss expert has his patients' best interests at heart, even if it means delivering some tough love. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about TV & Movies.
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