Who Is Amanda On 1000 Lb Sisters? All Facts About Cast Member On 1000-Lb Sisters

Amanda Halterman is the fan-favorite Slaton sibling in 1000-lb Sisters. Fans will have been acquainted with Amanda Halterman on 1000-Lb Sisters when she joined her siblings on screen in season 3. Who is Amanda? Who is her husband? Here is all updated information and facts you don’t know about her.

#1. Who is Amanda Halterman?

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Amanda became a cast member on 1000-lb Sisters in 2021 and the arrival of more siblings on the show prompted TLC fans to want to find out more about the Slaton-Halterman family tree. The series primarily follows Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton as they continue on their weight-loss journeys and embark on motherhood. Amy and Tammy’s other sisters Amanda, Misty, and their brother, Chris, are also cast members in 2023.
Speaking on the TLC show in 2022, Amanda said that she had bariatric surgery in the past, like her sister, Amy. Amanda said: “As far as Amy’s diet, I’m not sure exactly what she’s doing, she says we’re on vacation… It does kind of worry me. I’ve done been through everything that she’s going through with bariatric surgery.”
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#2. Amanda on 1000-lb Sisters’ height

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Many 1000-lb Sisters fans may have noticed that Amanda appears to be quite a lot taller than her sisters. In a recent Instagram post of Amanda’s, she shared a snap of a book called Murder in the Heartland.
Amanda wrote in the caption: “This is the book that @amyslaton_halterman referred to in the last episode of 1000lbs sisters. She mentioned our Grandfather Charles T. Ellis and how he was murdered by his eldest son.”
One of the TLC star’s fans wrote in the comments that they thought that she is 5ft 11 when it comes to her height. Amanda confirmed this is true, by replying: “yes 5 11. Thanks for the love and support.”

#3. Who is Amanda Halterman's husband? Why did she divorce? 

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Amanda Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters‘ ex-husband is Jason Halterman, Michael Halterman’s brother. Michael is married to Amy, who he shares two children with, meaning two Slaton sisters have married to Haltermans.
Amanda revealed she divorced her ex-husband Jason on 1000-lb Sisters season 4. They were together for 23 years, during which he has never appeared on 1000-lb Sisters, and share four sons.
She’s still connected to the Haltermans as a sister-in-law, as Amy married Jason’s brother Michael in 2019. When Amanda gave viewers an update on her divorce status, many had no idea she was even wed to Michael’s sibling. Amanda opened up by saying her marriage didn’t work anymore. She’s still in contact with Michael though, who she often calls out on 1000-lb Sisters. In 2022, she said she and Jason are “legally married until we finish that off.”

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Before officially confirmed, Fans think that Amanda Halterman's getting a divorce because she suddenly has the availability to spend all of her time with Tammy and the rest of the Slaton siblings in 1000-lb Sisters season 3. Viewers theorize that Amanda's using her family as a way to get away from her breakup. Even on the family getaway to the Smokey Mountains, Amanda's spouse was the only partner not accounted for. One fan recalled, "I was wondering why [Amanda's] other half wasn’t on the family vaycay but all the others were." Additionally, some 1000-lb Sisters sleuths claimed that Amanda alluded to her divorce in exclusive Discovery+ behind-the-scenes content. A viewer recounted, "Amanda said... that [she and her husband] are still legally married 'up until they finish that off.'" This admission validated fans' theory that Amanda is in the process of getting a divorce from her husband. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about TV & Movies.
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