Who Is Onomatopoeia In Superman And Lois? Meet The Famous Villain

Who is Onomatopoeia in Superman And Lois? Meet the fan-favorite villain of DC Comics!
We are back with another season of Superman And Lois. The Season 3 premiere officially aired on March 14th. In this episode, an undercover assignment brings attention to a deadly enemy who could change the Kent family forever.
But there's more to it. This time, the CW doesn't disappoint us at all: one of the new foes of this season is revealed to be no other than Onomatopoeia. So, who is this new villain that people are so excited about?

#1. Who Is Onomatopoeia?

Who Is Onomatopoeia In Superman And LoisSource: DC Comics

Season 3 premiere marks the long-awaited live-action debut of Onomatopoeia.
The character was created by Kevin Smith and Phil Hester. He first appeared in DC Comics in 2002, where he murdered a female crime-fighter named Virago, after telling her his name. In the original comic, Onomatopoeia is a serial killer. He targets non-powered, vigilante superheroes.
He got his nickname because he only speaks in the "sound-only" kind of dialogue. To be more specific, he mimics sounds around him, such as dripping taps and gunshots, and say them out loud. The sounds he makes always match with his current action at that time.

Who Is Onomatopoeia In Superman And LoisSource: The CW

Onomatopoeia later disguised as "Baphomet", a new vigilante who had been working with Batman. In the early day, he helped Batman defeat villains. He even removed his mask in front of Batman to gain his trust. Later on, when Batman trusted him enough and took him to the Batcave, he revealed his true identity by imitating the sound Batman made while he slit Silver St. Cloud's throat.


When showing up as Baphomet, Onomatopoeia speaks in a normal way. This indicates that the change in his way of speaking is a personal preference, not a psychological requirement.
It is unknown whether Onomatopoeia is a metahuman or not. However, he did take six arrows without stopping during his encounter with Green Arrow. After that, he dropped off the roof of a seven-story building after being shot and still managed to flee before Green Arrow could find him. He's also strong enough to survive direct explosions and fires that would kill unarmored humans. This left many unanswered questions about Onomatopoeia's full strength and potential, as well as the source of his power.

#2. What Happened To Onomatopoeia In Superman And Louis Season 3 Episode 1?

Who Is Onomatopoeia In Superman And LoisSource: The CW

There is nothing much that we could learn about Onomatopoeia in Season 3 premiere. We now know that Onomatopoeia is working with Bruno Mannheim (Chad L. Coleman), the head of the notorious organization Intergang. Onomatopoeia's appearance in the TV series is not much different from the original comic book: a black-hooded figure with an extremely creepy face.
Onomatopoeia is typically known as the enemy of Green Arrow. The villian almost made its appearance onto The CW during the first season of Arrow. But translating the character from comic page to screen proved to be an unexpectedly difficult task. Therefore, the program decided not to use him at that time. It takes nearly ten years for Onomatopoeia to appear on a live-action.

Who Is Onomatopoeia In Superman And LoisSource: The CW

“Jai Jamison, one of our writers and directors, pitched using Onomatopoeia, like, the second or third week of Season 1. We had that same reaction, that it would be awesome if we could translate this villain into live-action. But how do we do that? We let it percolate for a couple of seasons, and with our overall story this season, that villain slotted in perfectly once we figured out how to make her cool.”, showrunner Todd Helbing revealed.


But that also leads to some questions. For example, who is Onomatopoeia in Superman And Lois? Is he the Onomatopoeia that we always know? What would be his role in the series, as he seemingly has never crossed path with Superman? Well, that's something we would have to wait and see. is dedicated to providing you with a wide range of creative and interesting news. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to keep updated on the latest news of Onomatopoeia  in Superman And Lois.
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