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  1. #1. About Nate All American Homecoming, Rhoyle Ivy King

Who Is Nate All American Homecoming? Comprehensive News

Who is Nate All American Homecoming? The success of "All American: Homecoming" After impressing the show's creator Nkechi Okoro Carroll at an audition, Rhoyle Ivy King went from a one-time role in the backdoor pilot to a regular cast member in Season 2. Nathaniel (aka Nate), a nonbinary student at Bringston University, has a certain "Legally Blonde" vibe in their dedication to the legal track and keeping perfect fashion. The actor has since embodied the show's melancholy via their portrayal of Nate.
In Episode 4, the couple's strained relationship with best friend Keisha comes to a head, and King reveals that they recall feeling the pressure "not to draw attention" as a child when they didn't fit into the gender norms of society (Netta Walker).

#1. About Nate All American Homecoming, Rhoyle Ivy King

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The actor has stated, "One of the most significant things that became immediately apparent to me about Nico and Nate's relationship is the thing that Keisha has really seen: the fact that Nate seems to dim herself a little bit by being around Nico, and there are some aspects to where she isn't her full bright and vibrant self." Nobody has ever asked her to play second fiddle to Nico like a First Lady, but she does it nonetheless because she thinks it's necessary for their relationship.
Nate, Nico, and Keisha are in the dormitories, while their friends, headed by Simone (Geffri Hightower), are locked down at the Bringston tennis courts due to the bomb threat. While there, Nico assumes an unofficial leadership role by advocating for more police presence at the HBCU, prompting Nate to raise the important issues of racial profiling and police brutality.

How Rhoyle Ivy King Created The First Black Nonbinary Character

Nate All American Homecoming
Carroll also acknowledged King's work on Rhoyle, saying, “Rhoyle's been instrumental and generous. On occasion, I'll give Rhoyle a ring and say something like, "Listen, sweetie, this is what I want to do." In case I overlooked something, please let me know. Oh, and if I forgot something, do tell me. Furthermore, he says, "I believe you can go further here and sort of stick this landing." And I thought, "Cool, I'll be back to dive deeper and stick this landing." I love writing for the show, and Nathaniel has been one of my favorite characters to create.
King continued, "It means more to me than I can express to be the first Black nonbinary character on this network." Playing a role I needed to see as a child was therapeutic in ways I can't even begin to articulate. Nkechi Okoro Carroll, who so carefully constructed her, and the beautiful cast members who are shining lights of humanity, have my deepest thanks.


Mitchell Edwards, whose recurrent "All American" character Cam Watkins is now a regular on the spinoff, said so when asked to elaborate on how Nathaniel interacts with the other characters. Contrary to popular belief, Nathaniel is not only a girl's best friend. She is both the hairdresser and the barber since she identifies as nonbinary and can relate to any gender. Amid adversity, she talks everyone through it. In my opinion, it's crucial to demonstrate that cisgender and nonbinary people can live together peacefully, regardless of the orientations of their allies. It's an honor to portray someone eager to get to know Nathaniel better by working out with her. We're rejecting harmful notions of masculinity and learning to love one another as people.
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