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  1. Who Is Naomi Watts Engaged To?
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Who Is Naomi Watts Engaged To? Is That Billy Crudup?

Who is Naomi Watts engaged to? Naomi Watts has added gasoline to the fire of engagement suspicions after being seen out with her boyfriend, Billy Crudup, wearing a ring that seems to be an engagement ring.

A nominee for the Academy Award who is 54 years old was spotted in New York City on April 26 with her dog. She wore a tan jacket over her all-black costume, which consisted of a white shirt, a black sweater, black trousers, and black shoes. The tan jacket was the finishing touch to her look. In addition, Watts accessorized her look with a pair of sunglasses, a gold bracelet, and a massive diamond ring that she wore on the left hand, which was the dominant hand.

Who Is Naomi Watts Engaged To?

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The actor from Almost Famous went on a date with the actress from Mulholland Drive two months after the actress posted a sweet selfie with him on Instagram for Valentine's Day. The actor is most known for his role in the film Almost Famous. As the photograph's caption, she penned, "My darling."

After playing husband and wife in the Netflix comedy Gipsy, which was only available for a limited time, Crudup and Watts were first linked in 2017. Watts and her ex-husband Liev Schreiber are the parents of their children, Sasha, 15, and Kai, 14. The actress from King Kong and Schreiber, 55, who had been married for 11 years, announced their decision to divorce the previous year.

In a November 2016 interview with the Daily Telegraph of Australia, Watts discussed the breakup. As Watts put it in the interview, "I feel, whether you're famous or not, transitions are scary for anybody." It was stated that "I feel like change is always scary, but that's only because transition for anyone is new, and you wonder how things are going to go." Via MSN.

Things Going Around Between Naomi Watts And Billy Crudup

Who Is Naomi Watts Engaged To

In an exclusive interview with Us published in August of 2017, a source told us that the actor from Impossible was dating Crudup and that "they're very into each other." A few years later, in 2022, they made their red carpet debut at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, where Crudup was nominated for Best Male Actor in a Drama Series for his role in The Morning Show, which airs on Apple TV+. Crudup's work on The Morning Show earned him a nomination for this honour.

The couple has kept a low public profile even though they have made a few public appearances together, such as at the 2022 Primetime Emmy Awards and the launch of Watt's wellness and beauty brand, Stripes, in October 2022. They also appeared together at the premiere of Crudups' new TV show Hello Tomorrow! in February.


On the other hand, Schreiber has gone on with his life and found love with Taylor Neisen; he and the native of Australia have maintained cordial relations, although they are no longer together. You devote a significant portion of your life to another person, and over time they develop. In 2017, one actor from the show Ray Donovan expressed his opinion to Porter Edit, saying, "I think the way that we've looked at it is that we'll always be partners, and I think that's kind of what keeps us together and keeps us amicable." Despite this, I feel that we are more than that. I also feel that our caring for one another is genuine.

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