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  1. #1. Who Is Marilu Henner NCIS Los Angeles?

Who Is Marilu Henner NCIS Los Angeles?

Searching for information about Marilu Henner NCIS Los Angeles? In the most recent episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, an old adversary reappears to wreak havoc in the life of Admiral Hollace Kilbride (Gerald McRaney). Given how mysterious he is, it should not come as a surprise if someone from his past appears in the series.
She appears as Kilbride's ex-wife in the episode "A Farewell to Arms" from Season 14, Episode 13. Elizabeth Kilbride, played by Marilu Henner, makes her debut appearance on NCIS: Los Angeles; however, probably, she won't remain in the city for very long. As a matter of fact, as a direct result of the happenings in this episode, another member of the Kilbride family will appear in a subsequent episode as a cameo.

#1. Who Is Marilu Henner NCIS Los Angeles?

Marilu Henner NCIS Los Angeles Source: NCIS Los Angeles
When "A Farewell to Arms" begins, the team is naturally worried when Kilbride doesn't show up as early as he often would. A fortunate escape because he was out with his ex-wife at the time. It seemed as though Elizabeth had arrived the previous evening, and they had a few drinks together. When Elizabeth accompanied the Admiral to his house, Kilbride ran late for work.
Despite this, Kilbride can pick up on the fact that Elizabeth is interested in more than just a passing acquaintance. She later confesses that she sought him to assist him in settling his differences with his son. Kilbride's son is not given a significant amount of screen time in this episode, but by the time it is through, we learn that he is now receiving treatment for substance abuse in a facility.
Because of his addiction, he had avoided his child for a considerable amount of time, but now that he is getting therapy, he is anxious to get back in touch with his child. This episode lays the groundwork for an emotionally charged father-son storyline between Kilbride and his son, and it's not beyond the question that Elizabeth will play a part in that storyline at some point.
In addition, the fact that Kilbride and Elizabeth participated in some questionable conduct proves their relationship has unrealized potential. Even though this was Marilu Henner's first appearance on NCIS: Los Angeles, there is still a possibility that she will appear on the show again in the future. Marilu has already appeared in many television programs. Her first "big break" came in 1971 when she was a part of the original cast of Grease on Broadway.


Marilu Henner NCIS Los Angeles Marilu Henner NCIS Los Angeles
But, she has been active in the Hollywood industry since 1977, when she portrayed Danielle in Between the Lines. But, the 70-year-old performer first gained international notoriety for her role as Elaine Nardo in the comedy Taxi. Her performance in this role was a breakthrough.
Since then, she has been in movies alongside well-known actors such as Burt Reynolds, Michael Keaton, John Travolta, and Steve Martin in films such as The Man Who Loved Women, Johnny Dangerously, Perfect, and L.A. Story. Despite this, Marilu is arguably best recognized for her portrayal as the Gotham City socialite Veronica Vreeland in Batman: The Animated Series and the several spin-offs the show spawned.
Marilu is an exceptionally gifted actor, but she also boasts a perfect recall memory, which enables her to recall even the most minute of facts from nearly every day of her life. This ability complements her acting skills well. Marilu recently tied the knot with Michael Brown, who is now undergoing lung and bladder cancer treatment.
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