Who Is Marcus's Wife In All American: Homecoming? Here's Everything We Know

Who is Marcus's wife in All American: Homecoming? Here's everything that we have known so far!
If the season finale of All American: Homecoming Season 2 could be described in one word, then it is definitely "chaotic". This whole season feels like an emotional roller-coaster ride, and who would have guessed that Season 2 would leave us hanging with so many cliffhangers? Well, while we are waiting and praying for the announcement of Season 3, let's take a look at one of the most shocking plot twists in All American: Homecoming: Season 2 Episode 15 - the reveal of Marcus's wife.

#1. What Happened To Marcus And Amara?

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With things going on so well between Marcus (Cory Hardrict) and Amara (Kelly Jenrette) , we were all expecting that the couple would take their relationship to the next level. One of the most popular theories said that Marcus will surprise Amara with a ring in the finale, and they would get engaged.
Toward the end of Episode 15, we see Marcus and Amara celebrating after they have revealed to their children that they are dating. It feels like a romantic proposal is just around the corner.
However, this moment of happiness doesn't last long. The moment of disaster starts when a woman suddenly knocks on Marcus's apartment door. Marcus cluelessly opens the door, only to find out that the woman standing behind it is no other than his wife. Her appearance comes as a shock to both Marcus and Amara, who doesn't know that her boyfriend has already had a wife this whole time.
So, Auntie Amara is actually "the other woman", and Coach Marcus is cheating on both his wife and Amara? Wow. This definitely wasn't on our bingo card. And Marcus has got some explaining to do.


#2. Who Is Marcus's Wife In All American: Homecoming?


who is marcus's wife in all american: homecomingSource: The CW

As we all know, Marcus and Amara used to date back in college, but they broke up due to some personal circumstances. During All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 5, we get to know that the relationship ended because of Amara's sister, Tina. Apparently, Tina came to meet Marcus and told him that he's not good enough for her sister.
Marcus obviously didn't believe in it. Not until an injury ruined his rising athlete career forever.
This incident absolutely broke him, it pushed him into a mental breakdown. During those moments of despair, Tina's words started to wander around his mind. Marcus thought that she was right: he will never be good enough for Amara. That was when he decided to leave everything behind, including Amara.

In an interview with Deadline, showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll shared that the writers had always had plans to go futher into Marcus's "missing years".

"He’s the one person that left Bringston, had a whole life that even Amara doesn’t know a whole lot about. Yes, he was drafted into the MLB. He went to play with the minors. It was this whole high pressure situation that she wasn’t a part of. He sort of pushed her away and then when he came back, he’d clearly been through something. So we touched on the mental health side of it in Season 1. We hadn’t specifically landed on the wife of it all for Season 2, but we knew there’s a chunk of time in Marcus’s life that shaped the man he is today", she said.


who is marcus's wife in all american: homecomingSource: The CW

Showrunner Marqui Jackson revealed to US Magazine that they came up with the idea of a "secret wife" when they realized it is now time for Marcus and Amara to face some challenges.
"“No couple can be happy forever. So it just felt like a really unique opportunity. Because there’s so much about Marcus we still don’t know. Even though we do know a little bit about his mental health journey, I think it was just the excitement of like getting to learn something new about him, something unexpected that’s out of character”, he said.

Carroll also confirmed that the show would dive deeper into Marcus's past with his current wife in Season 3. "One of the things that happened in those missing years was that he got married. We will explain in Season 3 how and why she technically is still his wife”, she said.

who is marcus's wife in all american: homecomingSource: The CW

Unfortunately, there has not been much information about the identity of Marcus's wife. However, according to these interviews, there is one thing that we can be sure of at the moment: There is no misunderstanding - that woman is really his wife. dedicates to provide you with a wide range of creative and interesting news. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to keep updated on the latest news of All American: Homecoming.
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