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  1. #1. Who is Luck Black Clover?
  2. #2. 5 interesting facts about Luck Black Clover

Who Is Luck Black Clover? All Facts You Don’t Know About Luck Black Clover 

The Black Buu Troupe is the Magic Knights Squad consisting of the most "weird" members of the Clover Kingdom. One of them is Luck, a bloody Magic Knight with a smile on his face. Let's learn about Luck Black Clover with us.

#1. Who is Luck Black Clover?

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Black Clover Luck's full name is Luck Voltia. He has a personality that is quite similar to those of an antisocial personality disorder. Luck couldn't show any expression except joy. Therefore, Luck always appears with a smiling face. Not only that, Luck is a true fighting maniac. Even when Luck's opponent was in a state of life and death, the smile never disappeared from his face. Therefore, the crew members nicknamed Luck the Mad Smile.
As a child Luck had promised his mother to win without any other help so he just insisted on fighting alone. After becoming a member of the Black Bull Bull Squad and meeting Asta, Luck began to be able to work in groups along with his teammates.

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Luck often invites his teammates and captain Yami to participate in "life and death matches" to solve his desire to fight. Luck also often uses his sensing skills to detect the strongest opponent nearby. He gets excited very easily, especially when watching someone show off his power. This would make Luck start to tremble with excitement at the possibility of fighting that person.
Despite his love of battles and his desire to fight strong opponents, Luck still felt a sense of fear as he watched Zenon Zogratis easily defeat an army of the Diamond Kingdom. For the first time in his life Luck admitted that he didn't want to fight the magicians from the Spade Kingdom. In addition, Luck is also a troublemaker when intentionally disturbing his teammates by taking their belongings or activating many traps around for fun.
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#2. 5 interesting facts about Luck Black Clover

1. Luck Voltia is the host of an Elf

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Luck Voltia is a Lower Level 5 Magic Knight of the Black Bull Army and the Royal Knight of the Clover Kingdom. At the same time, he is also the host of the elf Lufulu. After being possessed by Lufulu, Luck learned many ways to use his Lightning Magic and became stronger. In addition, when he was possessed by Lufulu, Luck appeared two long red tattoos under his eyes and his ears become pointed. 

2. Luck Voltia was born a commoner

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Luck is a commoner from Yvon, a village in the Clover Kingdom. He was born and raised in a typical peasant family. As a child, he lived with his mother mainly. However, their relationship is not very smooth because Luck can't stop laughing. 
However, after Luck defeats a high-ranking student in the magic tournament at his school, his mother's attitude begins to change. When he tells his mother about his victory, she hugs him and urges Luck to continue winning in the future. Luck agreed with his mother and stubbornly kept that promise for a long time. After that, Luck's mother died, leaving only Luck to live on his own. Luck is haunted by his promise to keep winning with his mother

3. Luck can defeat Asta

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Luck has always been one of the most powerful characters in the Black Buu Doan. Luck's Lightning Magic grants him powerful offensive spells that also aid in his overall mobility. Asta may be faster than normal mages due to rigorous physical training, but Luck's speed and strength are enhanced by magic so he can surpass Asta in this regard. 
During the match between Luck and Asta, as long as Luck manages to get rid of Asta's Magic Resistance sword, he can quickly take down his opponent thanks to his incredible speed and powerful attacks. Luck has the ability to defeat the main character – Asta

4. Luck's actual age is bigger than his looks

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Similar to Grey, Luck looks younger than he really is. First appearing in the series, Luck is 18 years old and after the skip phase in the Invasion of Spade Kingdom arc, Luck is 19 years old. 

5. Luck's surname is of Italian/German origin

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Luck's surname, Voltia, is of Northern Italian/German origin. It is possible that the author chose this family name because it contains the word "volt", which means volts (like his magic). is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about TV & Movies.
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