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  1. #1. Who Is Leaving Days Of Our Lives?
  2. #2. Are Kate And Kayla Still Alive?

Who Is Leaving Days Of Our Lives? Updated News

Who is leaving Days Of Our Lives? The fictional town of Salem, Illinois serves as the setting for the show's central characters, the Brady and Horton families. However, there are also many members of the Kiriakis and DiMera families. Although Alice Horton (Frances Reid), the show's matriarch, had her last formal appearance in December 2007, the actress remained with the show from its inception in 2002 until she died in 2010.

#1. Who Is Leaving Days Of Our Lives?

Who Is Leaving Days Of Our Lives Source: Peacock
Suzanne Rogers, who has been with the show since its inception in August 1973, holds the record for the longest tenure of any cast member in the history of American television soap operas. Susan Seaforth Hayes, the show's second longest-serving performer, is the only member on every episode of Days of Our Lives in every one of its seven decades on the air. She replaced Julie Olson, who had played the role originally, and made her d├ębut in December.
No announcement or rumor indicates that Lauren plans to depart the soap opera she has worked on for almost 25 years. Actress Deborah Adair portrayed the character in 1993, and Lauren stepped into her shoes the following year.
As well-known performers like Peter and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) prepare to return this winter, Lauren may briefly quit the program. The cast of Days often takes months off to focus on other projects. Who will be departing the program in 2023 is unknown at this time.

#2. Are Kate And Kayla Still Alive?

Who Is Leaving Days Of Our Lives Who Is Leaving Days Of Our Lives?
Marlena, Kayla, and Kate are confronted by an alien. Marlena, having had too much experience with the Devil, thinks they have entered a transitory zone and identified the Devil. They need to negotiate a bargain to ensure their survival, but they also have important business to take care of before they head back to Salem.


While the ladies in the hereafter are in an uproar, the widows of Salem are grieving and out for retribution. No orchid, antidote, or Dr. Wilhelm Rolf could save the three, who all succumbed to their illness and died within days of one another.
There was a chance that Marlena hoped they would find Susan Banks and bring her back with them. Marlena is not thrilled about taking the Devil back to Salem with them, but it may be their last option for reaching the afterlife. Since he cannot permanently inhabit a corpse, he must find a living, breathing host body to inhabit.
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