Who Is Laverne Cox The Blacklist Actress? Trivia About Dr. Laken Perillos In Real Life

Searching for information on Laverne Cox Blacklist, who played Dr. Laken Perillos in The Blacklist? Laverne Cox made her return to the iconic NBC comedy on the episode that airs on April 2, almost two years after making her first appearance in the show during the eighth season.
The actress nominated for an Emmy and played the part of Dr. Laken Perillos, a cruel interrogator infamous for torturing her inmates in unorthodox ways, is back for the show's tenth season. If you want to, you can obtain intriguing facts about her. Continue reading below!

Who Is Laverne Cox The Blacklist Actress?

Who Is Laverne Cox The Blacklist Actress Source: The Blacklist
Laverne Cox, an acclaimed actress who is also the first openly transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy, has campaigned to raise the public image of transgender persons and gain their acceptance.
Laverne Cox was welcomed into the world on the 29th of May, 1972. Although she was given a male gender at birth, she was reared in Mobile, Alabama, with her mother and twin brother. Cox has no recollection of her paternal grandfather. Her mother was a teacher, and she brought up her two children alone despite her challenges. Cox stated that she was a "highly creative" child and that her imagination allowed her to continue living.


She had a lifelong dream of working in the show business. She decided to pursue her love of dance in the third grade. She did this by enrolling in classes and participating in recitals and other talent shows. The only kind of dance Cox's mother encouraged him to participate in were tap and jazz since she felt that ballet was inappropriate for a boy his age.
Cox started to feel ashamed and terrified of her femininity due to the criticism from adults, the bullying and violence she faced at school, and the teachings she heard in church. Cox was concerned that her grandmother, who had passed away, would have been disappointed in her. Cox, then 11 years old, found the idea so revolting that he attempted to take his own life.

Laverne Cox's Career And Best Movies

Who Is Laverne Cox The Blacklist Actress Laverne Cox, Who Plays Dr. Laken Perillos In The Blacklist
Laverne Cox, one of the original cast members of Orange Is the New Black, plays the role of transgender woman Sophia Burset, who commits credit card theft to fund her transformation while incarcerated. The representation of trans women that Cox gave brought to light the many challenges that trans women face in today's culture.
But, in the season, right before the finale, Burset is given a happy ending when she is selected for early release. In the most recent season, it is seen that she is currently employed at a salon and that she has made amends with both her former spouse Crystal and her son Michael.


Cox has also made guest appearances as Candace in an episode of Law & Order: SVU in 2008, as Adele Northrop in an episode of Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce from 2014, as Sheena in three episodes of The Mindy Project in 2015, as Cameron Wirth in an episode of the doomed CBS series Doubt from 2017, as Cynthia Fray in an episode of the most recent season of Dear White People from 2018, and in a recent episode of A Black Lady Sketch Show from 2019.

Laverne Cox Blacklist Is A Supporter for The LGBT+ Community

Who Is Laverne Cox Blacklist Actress
Cox also made history by appearing on the cover of the South African issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in February of 2018. This issue was published in South Africa. Also, she is the first person who identifies as transgender to have a wax figure created of them at Madame Tussauds.
Laverne Cox created history when she became the first transgender woman to hold the position of executive producer for the show Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word. For this role, she was awarded a Daytime Emmy in 2015.
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