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  1. Who is D' Jefri Kuan?
  2. About Their Family
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Who is Jestinna Kuan's Father? About D' Jefri Kuan and His Family

Jestinna Kuan, a recognized influencer and entrepreneur with a big following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, is the daughter of D' Jefri Kuan. D' Jefri Kuan, based in Malaysia, is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a devoted family man.

He's the owner of Vin Kerr Enterprise Sdn. Bhd., a company specializing in furniture and sofa accessories. His enterprise has grew well with his leadership, showcasing his acumen in business development. The couple has nurtured a family of three children - Jestinna, Christinna, and Perry Kuan. Each of them has found their own way, with Jestinna and Christinna became known as influencers and Perry following his interests in DJing and entrepreneurship.

Key Takeaways

  • D' Jefri Kuan, from Malaysia, runs a successful furniture business and is a great dad, raising three kids who've all made names for themselves.
  • Jestinna Kuan, his daughter, is a big deal online, rocking it as an influencer and businesswoman, and even made a hit Chinese New Year music video.
  • The Kuans are tight-knit, mixing business smarts with cool personal projects like fashion influencing and DJing.

Who is D' Jefri Kuan?

who is jestinna kuan father Source: @jefrikuan

D' Jefri Kuan is a successful entrepreneur in Malaysia, known primarily as the founder of Vin Kerr Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. This company, specializing in furniture and sofa accessories, stands as a testament to his business acumen. From the ground up, D' Jefri Kuan has built a successful company that reflects his ability to identify and capitalize on market opportunities.

His journey in the corporate world is marked by continuous growth and a constant search for new ideas. This drive to keep growing and getting better has not only expanded his company but also made a name for himself as a forward-thinking entrepreneur. His success is not just measured in financial terms; it's also evident in the good effect he has had on the furniture trading industry in Malaysia.


About Their Family

The Kuan family, well-known in Malaysia, consists of Dato' Jefri Kuan and Datin Kuan, and their three children: Jestinna, Christinna, and Perry. Each of these siblings has pursued distinct paths, shaping their individual identities while maintaining strong family ties. Jestinna, the eldest, has became a successful entrepreneur and content creator.

Famous for her confident social media presence, she also aims to showcase her authentic self through platforms like YouTube.

Christinna, the middle sibling, has found her own way as a fashion and beauty influencer. She collaborates with renowned brands across the globe, adding her own style to her work. Perry, the youngest, balances his entrepreneurial ventures with a passion for DJing, displaying a likes to for humor and Entertainment.


About Jestinna Kuan

Jestinna Kuan, born on October 5, 1997, in Penang, Malaysia, stands out as a has many talents. She's not only an influencer and content creator; she's also a pharmacist and entrepreneur. Her diverse talents and endeavors have gained her a lot of followers, with over 700,00 followers on Instagram and significant numbers on TikTok and YouTube.

Her journey began with a passion for fashion and dance, leading her to create engaging content on TikTok. Her flair for creativity shone through in the Chinese New Year music videos, especially the one for 虎年新年到, which went viral in 2022, attracting over 11 million views. This success shows her skill as a content creator and her ability to connects with many people.

Beyond her online presence, Jestinna's business-minded is evident. She founded UFCO, a streetwear shop, and co-founded The Sis.Club, a merchandise line inspired by her relationship with her sister. Her ventures extend into the health and wellness sector with The Care Squad, reflecting her background in pharmacy. As of now, Jestinna's estimated net worth is around half of million dollars.

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