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  1. Who Is Eric Smith? The Infamous Teenage Murderer
  2. Who Is Eric Smith Engaged To?
  3. Is Eric Smith Married In 2023?
  4. Eric Smith's Family: Where Are They Now?
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Eric Smith’s Life After Prison: Who Is Eric Smith Engaged To?

Controversy sparked when news broke that Eric Smith, the infamous teenage murderer, is now getting married. “Who is Eric Smith engaged to?” If you are both perplexed and intrigued by the fact that someone can fall in love with this criminal, then you are not alone. 

This article is here to provide valuable insights into the life of Eric Smith, a name that still sends shivers down spines, and the identity of his fiancé. Join us as we take a closer look at Eric’s heinous murder case, controversial affair, and journey towards rehabilitation.


Who Is Eric Smith? The Infamous Teenage Murderer

Eric M. Smith, born on January 22, 1980, is an infamous American for committing a horrific act at a young age. On August 2, 1993, at the age of thirteen, Smith tortured and murdered four-year-old Derrick Joseph Robie in Steuben County, New York.

Because of the brutality of the crime, the terrible tragedy stunned the community and drew widespread media attention. Smith was detained and eventually charged with second-degree murder following an investigation. 

Smith was prosecuted and convicted of the accusations against him in 1994. Because he was a juvenile, he received the highest term available in such instances at the time: nine years to life in jail.

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Smith spent the next 27 years in prison, going through different legal procedures and hearings. He became eligible for parole after fulfilling his term. Smith was granted parole in October 2021 and was officially released from jail in February 2022. It is worth noting that Eric M. Smith's release has sparked controversy and discussion.

The nature of his conduct, his age at the time of the act, and the duration of his subsequent incarceration have spurred arguments about juvenile justice and the possibility of rehabilitation.

This terrible story serves as a reminder of the intricacies of criminal justice, the impact of crime on victims' families, and the difficulties that law enforcement faces when investigating crimes perpetrated by children.


Who Is Eric Smith Engaged To?

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Margaret C. Houck, Eric Smith's fiancée, was supposedly a law student he met while spending time in jail. Their romance began two years before Smith's parole hearing in 2021, when she revealed her engagement. It's unknown if Houck finished law school and became a licensed attorney at this time.

Houck was an active participant in Smith's life throughout his incarceration, visiting him often to discuss his case and perform research on the juvenile justice system. Houck's role and precise contributions to Smith's rehabilitation have not been publicly reported.

Although details regarding their relationship are few, it is unknown when Smith and Houck want to marry or what the future holds for them. His dedication and the assistance Houck offered throughout Smith's incarceration appear to have played an important role in his personal development and recovery prospects.


Is Eric Smith Married In 2023?

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Eric Smith admitted to parole board members during his October 2021 parole hearing that he had been committed for over two years. The topic of his participation came up during a discussion about his life plans when he was released from jail. Smith suggested remaining with his mother till she gets her own place or until his fiancée joins him.

During the hearing, no specific place where Smith plans to remain following his release was addressed. It is unclear whether her mother, Tammy Smith, still resides in Steuben County, where the incident happened.

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Smith revealed that he proposed to his fiancée in December 2019, but that she had known her for at least two years before that.

He claimed that his fiancée is a law student who contacted him to learn more about the juvenile justice system. He carried out substantial studies comparing juvenile justice systems in North and South America.

Although no additional information regarding Smith's engagement or future plans with his fiancée is known, his admission during his parole hearing shows that their connection and the support they offered played an important part in Smith's life throughout his incarceration.

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"She kept saying, 'I love you, talk to me," Smith explained, but he was worried she might leave if he opened up to her. "I literally went to God in prayer and said, Lord, you brought her into my life, so if you brought her there, you’ve already seen this conversation, so just give me the grace to tell her.”

Smith stated that the conversation went well. "When I told her, she actually opened up and she talked to me about herself and helped me understand shame, guilt, and personal anxiety level." The transcript is silent on what Smith means by "one of his own."


Eric Smith's Family: Where Are They Now?

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Eric Smith was born to Tammy and Ted Smith and spent a large portion of his youth with his grandparents, Red and Edie Wilson.

He has two elder sisters as well. Smith revealed in his confession to the murder of 4-year-old Derrick Robie that he was often tormented as a youngster by his father and sisters.



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Eric Smith's story is one of tragedy, controversy, and redemption. From a horrifying crime committed as a child to his eventual release and engagement, it raises profound questions about juvenile justice and the potential for transformation.

We hope you have the answer for the question "Who is Eric Smith engaged to?" Until next time.

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