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  1. Is Demi from The Bachelor Dating Anyone Now?
  2. Demi Burnett's Past Relationships

Who is Demi Burnett from The Bachelor Dating in 2024?

As of 2024, Demi Burnett, known for being in "The Bachelor" and "Bachelor in Paradise," is not dating someone. We know this because of her appearance on "The Bachelor" Season 28 aired on January 29, 2024, where she humorously inquired about joining the season, showing she's single.

Despite not being a contestant, she was a big part of the episode, reflecting her ongoing connection with The Bachelor franchise. Burnett's most recent known relationship was with Slater Davis, a musician, in 2020. Following their separation, Burnett kept things private regarding her dating life, focusing more on her personal and work life.

Key Takeaways

  • As of 2024, Demi Burnett is single, hinted at during her appearance on "The Bachelor" Season 28.
  • She split from Slater Davis in 2020 after dating for five months during the pandemic.
  • Demi's engagement to Kristian Haggerty in 2019, the first same-sex couple on the show, ended quickly due to the show's fast pace.

Is Demi from The Bachelor Dating Anyone Now?

Who is Demi Burnett from The Bachelor Dating in 2024 Source: ABC

As of early 2024, Demi Burnett is loving being single. Her recent appearance on "The Bachelor" Season 28, along with her social media activities, confirm she's still single. Known for her fun personality and being in the media, Burnett has not indicated any new romantic relationships.

It appears she is focusing her energy into her personal and work life, staying away from the dating scene for the time being.


Demi Burnett's Past Relationships

Relationship with Slater Davis (2020)

Demi Burnett's last known relationship was with Slater Davis, a singer and vlogger from Los Angeles. They started dating in February 2020, reportedly set up by Katie Morton, a co-star from "Bachelor in Paradise." The couple's decision to quarantine together during the pandemic was a big step in their relationship.

However, after five months, they parted ways in June 2020. Burnett talked about the challenges they faced, such as getting used to each other and not having their usual routines. She talked about the importance of personal growth and trust in a relationship, seeing it as a learning experience for her future relationships.

Engagement with Kristian Haggerty (2019)

Demi Burnett's relationship with Kristian Haggerty was a big part of her love life, known for being public and the fact that it was the first same-sex relationship featured in the Bachelor franchise. They got engaged during the season finale of "Bachelor in Paradise" in September 2019.

However, the engagement was short-lived, ending in October 2019. Burnett later shared that how fast things went on the show contributed to their premature engagement, acknowledging that usually, a proposal might not have occurred. She admitted to not being the partner she aspired to be, making them decide to separate. This relationship remains a big part of Burnett's journey in seeking love.

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