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Who Is Darren Criss? Guest Stars From That's My Jam? Trivial Facts About Darren

Who is Darren Criss from That's My Jam? On March 14, the first new episode of the celebrity music competition series "That's My Jam," which airs on NBC, will premiere to kick off the new season of programming for the network.
This episode features a matchup between Darren Criss and Sarah Hyland against Patti LaBelle and Billy Porter. In keeping with long-standing custom, the guests will play many of the show's signature music-centered games during the transmission. Despite this, many people are curious about who Darren Criss and Sarah Hyland are. Moving on to Darren Criss, now that we've completed the knowledge and trivia about Sarah Hyland, let's look at some of his other work.

Who Is Darren Criss From That's My Jam?

Who Is Darren Criss From That's My Jam Sarah Hyland & Darren Criss From That's My Jam
Darren Criss is best known to the general public for his role as the main singer on the hit television show Glee, which has attracted viewers from all over the world and spawned a large number of imitators. Before transitioning to television, Criss was not only a talented actor and singer, but he was also an incredible performer on stage. This should be brought to your attention because it is important. He even started his musical theater group with a couple of his closest friends, which is an impressive accomplishment.


The fact that Criss's passion for music began to blossom at such a tender age helps to explain why he is skilled in not just one but several different instruments. Specifically, he started playing the violin when he was five years old, but over time he broadened his repertoire to include the drums, guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and piano. Criss decided to put his love of music and his musical ability on display by becoming the lead vocalist of his band and the orchestra's concertmaster at his school.

Trivial Facts About Darren Criss

Who Is Darren Criss From That's My Jam Darren Criss Recently Joins That's My Jam
It should come as no surprise that Criss's family shares his enthusiasm for the arts, considering he has such a strong personal commitment to this industry. For example, his father is known for supporting the arts and has received accolades for his work in this field. This is crucial because many artists would not be able to continue producing their work if they did not have financial support from people who understand and appreciate what they do.
In addition to that, Criss's brother Charles is a member of the Freelance Whales, an indie rock band, and he plays bass for them. As was said before, StarKid Productions is well-known for producing pop-culture-inspired musical comedies. One of their specialties is the StarKid Show. Its early productions included A Very Potter Musical, which was only tangentially based on the Harry Potter book series.


Criss reprised his role as Harry Potter in the follow-up films A Very Potter Sequel and A Very Potter Senior Year, in addition to A Very Potter Musical, which he also appeared in. The financial success of the film was extremely beneficial to both StarKid Productions and Criss's careers, as it made it possible for them to invest in the creation of further films that are analogous to those in the future.

Darren Criss Best Movies And TV Shows

Who Is Darren Criss From That's My Jam Darren Criss Best Movies And TV Shows
  1. Midway (2019)
  2. Girl Most Likely (2012)
  3. Walker Phillips (2009)
  4. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (2011)
  5. Life of Leopold (2011)
  6. Big with Evan Rachel Wood and Darren Criss (2014)
  7. Clowns on Earth (2009)
  8. The Chicago 8 (2011)
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