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  1. #1. Who Is Chloe From Perfect Match Dating? Updated News

Who Is Chloe From Perfect Match Dating? Updated News

Who is Chloe from Perfect Match dating? Perfect Match's Chloe has experience utilizing reality TV to locate "the one," having been in Too Hot to Handle and The Circle season 2. Even though she has tried and failed twice on television dating shows, she is determined to meet her "ideal mate" for a third time. After all, the third time is the charm.

#1. Who Is Chloe From Perfect Match Dating? Updated News

Who Is Chloe From Perfect Match Dating Source: Perfect Match
On Netflix's newest dating program Perfect Match, which premiered on Valentine's Day 2023 and aired weekly on Tuesdays, one of the twenty-three participants is Chloe Veitch. Perfect Match is a highly competitive and chaotic dating game show in which a maximum of ten eligible people are locked in a house together in the hopes of finding love.
The fact that Chloe's real-life ex, Mitchell Eason, is also a part of the Perfect Match cast is enough to get people excited, and that's before we even mention the fact that other fan-favorite reality stars from hit Netflix series like Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, and Love Is Blind are also making a return appearance.
Perfect Match was anything from a breeze for Chloe. Chloe went through a lot, what with her "ideal match," Shayne Jansen, and then the problematic return of her ex-boyfriend, Mitchell. In the end, though, Shayne Jansen does forgive Chloe, and the two are reunited in a romantic pairing in the ninth episode. Shayne still hasn't fully forgiven Chloe, though.


Who Is Chloe From Perfect Match Dating Who Is Chloe From Perfect Match Dating?
In the tenth episode, after Chloe writes a beautiful poem for him in which she admits she's falling in love with him, the two come to blows when Shayne argues with Chloe about the night she chose Mitchell when the two ran upstairs and jumped in the pool, which overflowed onto a sad Shayne, who was sitting below it on the steps. After the fight, Shayne says he's going, but Dom and Georgia convince him to stay. Ultimately, Chloe spends the night with Georgia and Shayne with Dom to allow the feuding duo time to calm down.
Shayne realizes his mistake, offers an apology, and the couple is reconciled; they make it all the way to the championship game. Chloe said to My Imperfect Life how she and Shayne reconciled following their fight: "I'm really forgiving. I've been in a lot of relationships where I was made to feel like the devil when I'm not, so if I screw up, I hope my partner will see past my mistakes and forgive me.
She said, "Maybe being in this relationship with Shayne, and having several talks with him over various things that happened and were said, was the greatest way for me to alleviate the circumstances that were going on. Looking back, I can't believe I didn't recognize that as a warning sign. However, you know, maybe I'm just speaking for myself. However, observing my behavior on television will serve as a valuable lesson, revealing to me that "Chloe, you need to stop doing this lady because else you are never going to meet your ideal match." And, I dunno, maybe it'll be a lesson for some bloody women."


Shayne tells Chloe on their last date that he knows he has a lot to work on and that he often thinks about himself, but that he still wants to go ahead with them and is prepared to do whatever it takes to make their relationship work outside of the show. To what extent does this prove that they are a perfect match for one another?
Chloe was quite flirty with David Birtwistle and Bryce Hirschberg on Too Hot to Handle, but they both ended up with other people. This was even though Chloe tried to circumvent Lana's restrictions by kissing David through a strawberry. Shayne and Chloe may not have succeeded as a real-life pair since, as The Sun(opens in new tab) reported in June 2022, Shameless actor Jody Latham was dating Chloe.
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