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  1. #1. Who Is Alison Hammond Dating?
  2. #2. What Did She Say About The Rumor?

Who Is Alison Hammond Dating? Updated Information

Who is Alison Hammond dating? Lison Hammond is now regarded as one of the most beloved talkshow hosts in the United States. Celebrity has been a regular on ITV's This Morning as a guest for some years, and since last year she has also co-hosted the show on Fridays with Dermot O'Leary.
Although she has achieved great fame because of her television career, little is known about her private life. If you're looking for information on Alison Hammond's love life, you should stop now.

#1. Who Is Alison Hammond Dating?

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Alison Hammond is eager to keep her personal life out of the public eye, and because of this, she has concealed the name of the person who is now in her relationship. It wasn't until very recently that the broadcaster admitted that she had been involved in a romantic connection from the beginning, and it was all because Dermot let the truth go on This Morning!
When Alison and Dermot performed together in May, Dermot went to Alison and told her that she was "no longer available." This took place during their regular Friday morning slot. Alison asked with a hint of deception, "What do you mean by I'm not available... are you trying to suggest that I'm not accessible?"
After recognizing the atmosphere, Dermot continued, "I don't know, now I'm truly perplexed!" Alison intervened and said: "Am I not unavailable? Is there someone in my life that I can count on? You've just informed the globe, so many thanks for that!"

#2. What Did She Say About The Rumor?

Who Is Alison Hammond Dating Who Is Alison Hammond Dating?
After the news that Alison was in a relationship was broadcast on This Morning, the celebrity stated to the Sun that she had concealed the identity of her partner for more than a year! "I've been with him for almost a year and a half, and no one has any idea! He adores me to the moon and back. He shows extreme reverence for me by massaging my feet daily. What else could you possibly want?!"


On the red carpet before The Ethnicity Awards in October, she also made a rare mention of her being "someone special." She said it was on the red carpet. Alison stated the following when she was asked by MailOnline whether or not she had ruled out the possibility of getting engaged again:
"There is a unique individual, and if he wants to propose, he can pop away." If he wants to propose, he is free to do so. Despite what she claims, she is" The presenter said, "I still don't believe I've made it," despite being "very pleased" of her achievements. Despite this, it is a positive development. Since you wish to continue, and because my definition of success is subjective, you must continue. I may define success as being married, but because I'm not married, likely, I haven't yet accomplished it."


The connection between the 46-year-old woman and Noureddine Boufaied, the father of her son Aiden, lasted for 17 years. Aiden is now 17 years old. She became engaged to her boyfriend, Jamie Savage, in 2014, and they met on an online dating service. Unluckily, the relationship did not work out, and the two broke up in 2017. Alison also had a brief relationship with Ben Kusi in the year 2020, who she had met on the show celebs Go Dating.
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