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Who Did Kristen Cheat on Tom With? Rumors Or?

The question many "Vanderpump Rules" fans focus on is Kristen Doute's past actions, especially who she cheated on Tom Sandoval with. The answer is complex, showing a mix of relationships that got mixed up throughout the seasons of the show.

Key Takeaways

  • Kristen Doute's cheating scandal with Jax Taylor shook up "Vanderpump Rules," causing major drama and testing friendships within the cast.
  • From her affair with Taylor to the "Miami Girl" incident, Kristen's actions stirred up trust issues and highlighted the messiness of relationships on the show.
  • Reddit users dive deep into Kristen's drama, showing everything from sympathy to speculation about her motives, and acknowledging her efforts to better herself post-scandal.

Kristen Doute admitted to cheating on Tom Sandoval with Jax Taylor, a revelation that shook their group of friends and was a key moment in the series. Beyond her encounter with Taylor, Kristen's fidelity was a common topic on the show. In later seasons, she revealed that her relationship with Sandoval was filled with multiple instances of infidelity on her part.

This pattern of behavior not only ruined her relationship with Sandoval but also hurt her friendships within the "Vanderpump Rules" cast.


Multiple Times? Show Me

Show Me Kristen Doute's relationship history on "Vanderpump Rules" is complicated, filled with multiple instances where her fidelity was questioned. Besides the well-known affair with Jax Taylor, there were other significant instances and allegations that painted a broader picture of the challenges within her and Tom Sandoval's relationship.

  • Jax Taylor: The most infamous of Kristen's indiscretions involved her sleeping with Jax Taylor, not once, but reportedly twice. This betrayal was really surprising due to Taylor's close relationship with Sandoval.
  • "Miami Girl" Incident: Another big deal was the allegation of Tom Sandoval's infidelity with a woman from Miami, which Kristen actively pursued to prove, despite it focusing on Tom's actions. This situation highlighted the continuous trust problems between the two and Kristen's involvement in trying to uncover the truth added another layer to their rocky relationship.
  • Emotional Affairs: Kristen admitted to emotional cheating with other staff members at SUR, which, while not physical, showed a pattern of seeking connection outside her relationship with Sandoval. These connections contributed to the strain and eventual end of their long-term relationship.
  • James Kennedy: Post-breakup with Sandoval, Kristen's relationship with James Kennedy became another focal point of drama. While this does not pertain directly to her relationship with Sandoval, it signifies her moving on and the continuous intertwining of personal and professional lives within the cast.

What Reddit Says About This?

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Reddit's take on Kristen Doute's storyline from "Vanderpump Rules" reflects lots of different views. Some users empathize with Kristen, saying her actions were because of the pressures of reality TV and personal struggles, which might have influenced her controversial decisions. Discussions often go deeper than quick judgment, looking into deep reasons and the messiness of handling relationships in the public eye.

The community also notes how her infidelity not only ended her relationship with Tom Sandoval but also significantly changed friendships and trust within the cast. This shows the big impact personal decisions can have on a closely-knit social circle.

Guesses abound as well, with Redditors pondering what might have been happening behind the scenes and considering how the show's editing might change what viewers think. Finally, some discussions praise Kristen for getting better after the scandal, offering a more nuanced view of her character and acknowledging the potential for redemption.

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