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  1. Who Did Joel Kill In The Last Of Us?

Who Did Joel Kill In The Last Of Us? Updated News

Who did Joel kill in The Last Of Us? In the eighth episode of The Last of Us' second season, the cannibals are chasing Joel and Ellie because they believe they are to blame for the death of one of their own members. Joel took the life of Alec, a hunter for the Cannibals who was also the father of the little girl we first met at the beginning of the program.
As Joel and Ellie go to a university in quest of food and supplies, they are spotted by a group of cannibals that are roaming the campus. Unanticipatedly, Joel comes face to face with one of them and proceeds to suffocate him to death. During the subsequent battle, the intruder, determined to be named Alec, stabs Joel in the stomach, leaving him with significant injuries.

Who Did Joel Kill In The Last Of Us?

Who Did Joel Kill In The Last Of Us Source: The Last Of Us
Alec is put to death in episode six, which takes place around when a band of raiders is assaulting Joel and Ellie. In the eighth episode of "The Last of Us," Joel is shown to have been responsible for the deaths of three of David's closest companions. Those three individuals were cannibalistic hunters who brought back anything they caught, whether an animal or a human being and ate it. Marco, Timothy, and Josiah are the names of three men this individual has killed.
David, who was also preparing to kill Ellie and probably eat her, intervened to prevent this. The Cannibals are a faction that plays a significant role in the mythology of The Last of Us. The Cannibals television series is not an exact adaptation of the cannibals computer game. The fact that we are aware of the identity of those that Joel murders during his interrogation of members of The Cannibals is the most significant departure from the events in the game.
Josiah is the family's first member to perish at Joel's hands. During their search for the man who was seen with the girl, Josiah is the one who discovers him first. Ellie has been administering medicine to the main character, giving him the fortitude to get out of bed and launch a sneak assault on the hunter using the knife she dropped earlier. After killing him with a strangulation attack, Joel instantly collapses, looking completely spent.


Who Did Joel Kill In The Last Of Us Who Did Joel Kill In The Last Of Us?
As Joel eventually rises to his feet, he walks inside a room where the other two guys are gazing about. He then physically abuses them both before dragging them to a nearby apartment, locking them up, and interrogating them. First, he approaches Marco, asks him about Ellie's location, and then moves on to the next step. Although he first refuses to comply, Joel uses a knife to repeatedly stab him in the back to force him to answer.
Once Joel reveals to Marco where Ellie is being held captive, Marco takes his own life by stabbing himself in the chest. When Joel turns around, he finds Timothy begging for his life and trying to convince him to stay alive. On the other hand, it appears that Joel kills him with a pipe. On the other hand, the representation of this death on television does not take place. Every member of the Cannibals cast delivers an outstanding performance. We owe a debt of gratitude to the amazing actors who play them in our production.
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