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  1. #1. Where Was Kindred Filmed?

Where Was Kindred Filmed? Kindred Filming Locations

Where was Kindred filmed? Here we go! Hulu's 'Kindred' is a fantasy mystery drama series based on the eponymous novel Octavia E. Butler wrote in 1979. The story follows a young Black lady named Dana James, who has aspirations of being a successful author. She uproots her life and moves to a different place to pursue her goal of becoming a successful writer.
For the first time in her life, Dana has a sense of self-assurance and mastery over her circumstances, and she is looking forward to discovering what the future holds for her. However, just as she feels comfortable in her new residence, her dream morphs into a nightmare and begins to pull her through time uncontrollably.

#1. Where Was Kindred Filmed?

Where Was Kindred Filmed Source: Kindred
When Dana is back to a plantation in the 1800s, she finds that she and her family have a strange connection to the place. Throughout most of the story, the show creates an exciting and tense atmosphere by focusing on people who travel through time without realizing it. Also, the changes between the two timelines and the two different places will make you want to learn more about the real places of filming "Kindred." Then, please let us put an end to your curiosity.

Kindred Filming Locations - Where Was Kindred Filmed?

The movie "Kindred" was in cities all over Georgia and California, especially in Atlanta, Rome, and Los Angeles. It looks like the main filming for the first version of the movie starring Mallori Johnson started in May 2022 and continued until the summer of the same year. Let's follow Dana as she goes back and forth through time and tells us about all the places in the Hulu show we're watching!


Where Was Kindred Filmed
Atlanta, the state capital and most populous city in Georgia, serves as the setting for several significant scenes of the film "Kindred." It would appear that the filming crew travels all around the city to different locations to capture different scenarios with the appropriate backdrops. Atlanta is also famous for the City of Trees because of the abundant abundance of trees.
The city is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and gets its name from this location. In addition to the creation of the movie "Kindred," it has served as the location for the production of a great number of other filming projects, such as "Day Shift," "Chaos Walking," and "Stranger Things."

Rome, Georgia

Where Was Kindred Filmed
Rome, the county seat of Floyd County and the largest city in the county, serves as the location for the taping of many important sequences for the television show "Kindred." According to reports, the cast and crew dress up in the city's central business district as if it were the 1800s for series.
During the show's filming, they also used the locations at Cotton Block, located at the intersection of Second Avenue and Broad Street. In addition, they erected a blue screen on West First Avenue in the city to facilitate the filming process.


Where Was Kindred Filmed
According to several reports, the production crew of the show "Kindred" makes a trip to Los Angeles, which is the most populated city in the state of California and the second most populous city in the United States. It would appear that they filmed some of the LA sequences, most of which took place outside, on location, to provide the audience with a more immersive experience.
The City of Angels is in Southern California. The Hollywood Sign, the Getty Center, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, the Venice Canal Historic District, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum are all popular tourist spots in the City of Angels. Some may look familiar because they were in the background of some scenes on the show.
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