Where Is Candy Montgomery Now? Love And Death Real Life Updated

On Friday, June 13, 1980, Candy Montgomery made headlines in her local Dallas community when she was charged with killing her friend Betty Gore with 41 ax blows. She successfully argued in court that the murder was done in self-defense and was thus acquitted of the crime. This shocking story soon made its way to television, with two separate series featuring Jessica Biel and Elizabeth Olsen as the titular character. On August 21, 2022, a teaser video was released featuring Olsen as the central character and the final trailer was released on March 23. To learn more about the real Candy Montgomery and what happened after her trial, keep reading.

#1. Who Was Candy Montgomery?

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Candy had an air of innocence about her and was well-liked in her hometown, often attending church and being a devoted wife to Pat and mother to two children. However, she had a past that was not so innocent: it was at church that she got to know both Betty and Betty's husband, Allan Gore, and had a secret affair with Allan. When detectives were informed of the affair, Candy became a prime suspect in the Friday the 13th murder case.
Seven months after Allan eventually ended his affair with Candy, on June 13, 1980, Betty was found brutally murdered in her home by a three-foot ax. According to a report from The Dallas Morning News, fingerprints and footprints at the scene incriminated Candy. Weeks after the killing, Candy was arrested and charged with Betty's murder.

#2. What Happened During Candy Montgomery’s Trial?

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Candy Montgomery took her self-defense allegation to trial. In order to explain how a person can hit another 41 times with an ax in self-defense, her lawyer, Don Crowder, brought in a psychiatrist that testified that Candy had a dissociative reaction during her debate with Betty. Something Betty did - apparently, she told Candy to shush - triggered a deep emotional reaction in Montgomery, activating a buried childhood trauma. Under hypnosis, Candy recounted the events of that fateful Friday the 13 and stated that she lost track of how many times she had beaten Betty. She also claimed that she had no intention of killing her friend and refused to look at the ax when it was brought into the courtroom as evidence.
On October 29 1980, a jury of twelve - three men and nine women - declared Candy Montgomery not guilty of killing Betty Gore. Despite the fact that one juror asserted that the prosecution had no case against her, it was revealed that it took six secret ballots for them to make their final decision. People in the courtroom were taken aback when she left without any consequences, some even shouting "Murderer!" as she passed. The victim's father, Bob Pomeroy, expressed his surprise to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, proclaiming that justice would be served eventually. Allan Gore, however, remained silent while shaking his head in sadness.
Following the trial, Candy Montgomery moved alongside her husband and their two children to Georgia. However, the couple divorced four years later. She now works as a mental health counselor. She still lives in Georgia, where she goes by her maiden name, Wheeler.

#3. Where Is Candy Montgomery now?

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Following the trial, Candy Montogomery, her husband Pat and their children left Texas in 1980 and moved to Georgia. The couple divorced four years later and Candy adopted her maiden name, Candace Wheeler. She, ironically, went on to become a mental health counselor, per Newsweek.
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#4. Is Candy Montgomery still alive?

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 Yes, Candy Montgomery is alive and was recently working as a therapist in Georgia. Born in November 1949, she is currently 72 years old.  Jessica Biel reportedly tried to get in touch with the real-life Candy in preparation for her role, the actress: "She was not interested." Biel then turned to Robert Udashen, one of Candy's attorneys in the murder case, who was a "huge resource of information." 
Of playing the real-life Candy Montgomery, Biel told Variety, "I wanted to create this person that you really, really were conflicted about. You’re with her. You’re with her and then, wait a minute, I’m not sure if I’m with her."
Likewise, Olsen planned to dig into the character's psyche and what made her carry out such horrific acts. "This is about women and men in this time period—they did everything right. They got married at 20, had kids. [Candy’s husband] Pat was a wonderful supporter and scientist. They moved to the suburbs. They built their dream house," "Then why do you feel so profoundly empty inside? Why is there a hole in your heart and psyche a mile wide? She makes a horrible choice how to fill that void.” is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about entertainment news.
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