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  1. #1. Everything We Know About The Batman 2
  2. #2. Who will be the villain in The Batman 2?

When The Batman 2 Starts Filming Reportedly Revealed

Here is everything we know about when The Batman 2 starts filming. According to a recent report, filming for The Batman: Part II is set to begin soon. Despite DC Studios' plans for a new DC Universe, they are also committed to continuing their Elseworlds franchises, including The Batman, which stars Robert Pattinson as a younger version of Bruce Wayne. While The Batman departed from the traditional origin story, it still portrayed a Dark Knight who is still developing. Due to its commercial and critical success, Warner Bros. Discovery has given the green light for The Batman 2, with Matt Reeves returning to direct and write the sequel.

Despite the lack of updates on The Batman: Part II, progress is being made towards its production. Production Weekly (via Batman-News) has revealed that principal photography is scheduled to commence in November at Warner Bros. Leavesden Studios in England, which was also used for filming The Batman. It seems reasonable for the sequel to return to the same studio. However, Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios have not yet confirmed this information.

#1. Everything We Know About The Batman 2

When The Batman 2 Starts Filming<br/>Source: Twitter
While only Pattinson has been officially confirmed to return for The Batman 2, it's highly likely that several other cast members from The Batman will also reprise their roles, particularly Colin Farrell's Penguin, who is set to star in his own spinoff show on HBO Max. The show is expected to air either this year or next, with The Batman 2 hitting theaters on October 3, 2025, as previously announced by DC Studios. This will mark the second DC film to be released in 2025, following Superman: Legacy during the summer.

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#2. Who will be the villain in The Batman 2?

When The Batman 2 Starts FilmingSource: Twitter

One of the most widely discussed topics regarding The Batman 2 has been the potential villains. Throughout the press tour for The Batman, cast members expressed their desire to see the Court of Owls introduced to the franchise. While The Joker was introduced in the first film, director Matt Reeves has stated that he is uncertain whether the Clown Prince of Crime will make an appearance in The Batman 2. However, there is a possibility that Barry Keoghan could have a cameo in the sequel, which could lead to a larger role in a future project set in The Batman universe.

As principal photography is expected to take place later this year, casting announcements for The Batman 2 are likely to be revealed in the months leading up to the start of filming. Rumors suggest that Pattinson's Batman may appear in The Penguin, which could potentially lead to characters from the series appearing in the sequel. As news about The Batman: Part II begins to surface, it will become clearer what direction the story will take for Pattinson's portrayal of the Dark Knight.
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