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  1. #1. When Is Britt Leaving General Hospital?
  2. #2. What Happened To Britt?

When Is Britt Leaving General Hospital? Updated

When is Britt leaving General Hospital? When Britt showed up at the hospital in September, everyone was surprised to discover that she had recently been promoted to head of staff. Although Cyrus Renault had hired her as part of his takeover of the hospital, she volunteered to help work with Jason Morgan to determine the drug runner's true plans. However, Britt has noticed that her hands have been shaking and stated that she does not have much time.
But as Cyrus became increasingly suspicious of her involvement with Jason and the investigation into his drug dealing, her health problems became secondary. After Jason was falsely accused of a murder he did not commit, Carly Corinthos had him stabbed behind bars. She did it to send him to the hospital, where it would be easier for him to leave the country.

#1. When Is Britt Leaving General Hospital?

When Is Britt Leaving General Hospital Source: General Hospital
Britt tried to assist, but she was dangerously close to being killed by Cyrus's men when Jason came to her rescue. During the escape, Jason was shot, and Britt immediately performed emergency surgery on him in a safe house to save his life. The two people became closer as they fled to Canada. Jason was there for Britt when she eventually saw a doctor and received the devastating news that she carried the marker for Huntington's disease.
This pushed Britt and Jason closer together, and they even made passionate love to one another. Still, their relationship quickly deteriorated once he decided to marry Carly to protect the family company. Because of this, Britt ended up having a one-night stand with Jasper "Jax" Jacks, which turned out to be a terrible decision. The announcement made by Monica Quartermaine that she and Terry Randolph would be designated co-chiefs of staff at the hospital angered her further, and she became angry as a result.
After losing her cool over the division of power, Britt eventually calmed down and apologized to those she had offended. Even after it was discovered that Sonny Corinthos was still alive, which rendered Jason's marriage to Carly invalid, Britt was hesitant to get back together with him. But when Liesl was kidnapped, Britt and Jason immediately boarded a plane to Greece to search for her on the island of Cassadine.

#2. What Happened To Britt?

When Is Britt Leaving General Hospital When Is Britt Leaving General Hospital?
Unfortunately, she, Liesl, and Drew Cain all made it out alive, but Jason was swallowed up by the cave-in and is thought dead. When Britt heard that Brad had been released from his parole, she felt relieved, but Brad's aunt, Selina Wu, cautioned her to keep her distance from him. In addition, Britt forged a new connection with Austin Gatlin-Holt, and throughout their time together, he disclosed to her that his brother falls somewhere on the autistic spectrum.
Despite Britt's best efforts to find Brad a position at the hospital, he had to collaborate with his aunt. Britt had a bad experience on a blind date, which ultimately led to her meeting Drew. Britt got drunk and ranting about love while she was at a party for Society Setups, and then a skydiver landed on her and knocked her into the pool! After learning about her relationship with Faison, Cody Bell apologized for the mishap and asked her for a date.


He begged for a second chance after the two had a dreadful time on their first date. After a few uncomfortable encounters, Britt warmed up to Cody and accepted his offer to help her pick through the belongings Peter had left behind for her. After locating the lock and key to the safe, the two persons rummaged through the contents and discovered a pricey jewel-encrusted necklace.
As soon as Britt noticed Cody's extreme interest in the item, she developed a skepticism toward him and decided to have Sam McCall look into where it came from. Unfortunately, at the same time, Britt began to notice an increase in the severity of the symptoms associated with the progression of her Huntington's disease, and she feared the worst.
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