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  1. #1. What Is Kaleidoscope True Story?

What Is Kaleidoscope True Story? Comprehensive Information

What is Kaleidoscope true story? A synopsis of the program reads as follows: "Kaleidoscope is an all-new anthology series that spans 25 years and follows a band of experienced thieves as they strive to unlock a vault that looks to be impregnable for the highest payoff in the history of the globe."
In each new installment, we see another piece of the complex puzzle that is corruption, greed, revenge, planning, loyalty, and betrayal. We have law enforcement on the investigation, and the world's most formidable corporate security squad is guarding this mystery.  The mystery of whether or not Netflix's "non-linear" series Kaleidoscope is based on a true tale persists despite the show's convoluted and epic storyline of deceit, theft, and thrills.

#1. What Is Kaleidoscope True Story?

Kaleidoscope True Story Source: Netflix
Even though the heist series Kaleidoscope is based on a completely fictional premise, Netflix states that it was "loosely inspired by a real-life event." The streaming site states that "$70 billion in bonds went missing in downtown Manhattan following Hurricane Sandy" was the inspiration for the program.
When it came to Atlantic hurricanes, Sandy was the strongest one ever recorded. Damage from the hurricane was estimated at over $70 billion, and 233 persons lost their lives in eight countries, from the Caribbean to Canada.
New York, one of the 24 affected states, suffered particularly heavy damage. The New York Post reports that 1.3 million stock certificates and bond vouchers were soaked when hurricane floodwaters found their way into a secret basement vault in Manhattan.


Kaleidoscope True Story What Is Kaleidoscope True Story?
Although the vault's real valuation has never been verified, an insider told the newspaper that it was roughly worth $70 billion. According to DTCC's spokesman Judy Inosanto: "I can't get into details. Because doing so would put our safety at risk, we do not participate in value exchanges.
Repository Trust & Clearing Corp., charged with seeking to retrieve the destroyed securities, told Reuters that the value was a "very minor fraction" of the $39.5 trillion in stocks and bonds stored at its depository. The event may have inspired Kaleidoscope, but it is reasonable to say that many creative licenses were made with the actual events. In this retelling, the cyclone, not Giancarlo Esposito's gang, stole from the bank.
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