What Is Buster Sword In Blue Beetle? Comprehensively Explained

What is Buster Sword in Blue Beetle? The next big-screen superhero film from DC Comics will be Blue Beetle, starring Xolo Mariduea as Jaime Reyes. As a result of his selection by the Blue Beetle scarab, Reyes becomes the third individual in the canon of the Blue Beetle comic books to acquire the guise of the superhero Blue Beetle. The first teaser was released, providing fans with their first look at this superhero in action for the first time.
Because the scarab's mission is to protect its host, it can build everything the host requires, including defenses and armament, because it is its responsibility. One of these objects is a massive sword that has a striking resemblance to something else. What exactly is this well-known sword, and why did DC Comics and Warner Bros.

What Is Buster Sword In Blue Beetle?

What Is Buster Sword In Blue Beetle? What Is Buster Sword In Blue Beetle? Source: Blue Beetle
The hero in the Blue Beetle video pulls out a massive sword that appears to be remarkably similar, and the beetle then congratulates him on his "excellent decision." It is possible that its resemblance to the Buster Sword from Final Fantasy, which served as inspiration for this weapon, is because the Buster Sword was the source of inspiration.
As a result of Cloud Strife's use of the Buster Sword, which debuted in Final Fantasy VII, the weapon has evolved into one of the most iconic representations of the Final Fantasy series. This massive and formidable broadsword has appeared in cameo roles in video games such as Kingdom Hearts, Super Smash Bros., and Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring.


It may have a superficial resemblance to the sword seen in the Blue Beetle trailer, but it is not the same weapon. The weapon, even though it may look same at first view, obviously deviates from the work of Square Enix and the game's designer, Hironobu Sakaguchi, in numerous critical areas, even though it may appear identical at first glance.
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