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  1. Who Is Channel 10’s Rosie Woods?
  2. What Happened To Channel 10’s Rosie Woods?
  3. Did Rosie Woods Leave Channel 10?
  4. Where Is Rosie Woods From Channel 10 From?
  5. Where Is Rosie Woods On Channel 10 Today?
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What Happened To Rosie Woods On Channel 10?

If you are a regular viewer of NBC 10 News Sunrise, you might have noticed that one of the familiar faces on the show has been missing for a while. Rosie Woods, the traffic anchor and co-host of Studio 10, has been off the air for some time, and many fans have been wondering what happened to her. 

What happened to Rosie Woods on Channel 10? Is she sick? Did she leave the station? Where is she now? In this blog post, we will try to answer these questions and give you the latest updates on Rosie Woods.


Who Is Channel 10’s Rosie Woods?

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Rosie Woods, a skilled journalist, takes the helm as the traffic anchor for NBC 10 News Sunrise and adds her charm to "Studio 10," a lively lifestyle show airing at 12:30 p.m. With her rich experience and prowess, Rosie's presence enriches the WJAR team.

From her beginnings in Asheville, North Carolina, to her impactful work in West Palm Beach, Florida, Rosie's journey showcased her versatility. Notably, her coverage during Hurricane Irma garnered an Emmy nod, emphasizing her knack for delivering crucial updates during crises.

Returning to her roots in Providence, Rosie seamlessly integrated with the WJAR crew. At NBC 10 News Sunrise, she relays real-time traffic info, aiding morning commuters. As co-host of "Studio 10," Rosie brings local luminaries and chefs to the forefront, solidifying her reputation as a reliable and engaging broadcaster.


What Happened To Channel 10’s Rosie Woods?

Rosie Woods, the familiar face from NBC 10, has taken an unexpected break from her on-screen presence, leaving her devoted fans curious about her whereabouts. While she hasn't disclosed all the details surrounding her absence, Rosie took to her Instagram account (@tvrosiewoods) to share a heartfelt throwback picture. 

In her caption, she expressed her eagerness to return to her job soon, while the warm comments from her followers and colleagues seemed to uplift her spirits. Reflecting on happier times, she wrote, "Remember when I wasn’t sick and played dress up for a living? (I’ve seen all of the loving comments and I truly appreciate how missed I seem to be. I’m hoping to be back on air very soon) ????". 

Although the use of a mask emoji suggests a possible link to COVID-19, Rosie has yet to provide a comprehensive explanation for her absence. Until she sheds more light on the situation, the exact cause of her break remains a topic of speculation.


Did Rosie Woods Leave Channel 10?

No, Rosie Woods has not left Channel 10, and any information otherwise is wrongful. Speculation suggests she departed Channel 10 and currently operates from Philadelphia, contributing to NBC 10 News Sunrise Team. However, all of her social media accounts still indicate that she is still employed by WJAR and is expected to resume her duties as soon as she recovers from her illness. She has not announced any plans to leave the station or pursue other opportunities.


Where Is Rosie Woods From Channel 10 From?

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Rosie Woods is from Providence, Rhode Island. She was born and raised in the city and attended Classical High School. She graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a degree in broadcast journalism. She is proud of her roots and loves being back in New England after working in other parts of the country.


Where Is Rosie Woods On Channel 10 Today?

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At the moment, Rosie Woods is still recovering from an illness that has kept her off the air for some time, suspected to be COVID-related. However, her social media accounts are updated, showing that the news anchor has returned to work.

As for her location, she has not disclosed where exactly she lives or what kind of treatment she is receiving. She has been keeping in touch with her fans via social media and has expressed gratitude for their support and well-wishes.



Rosie Woods is a beloved journalist and broadcaster who has been missing from Channel 10 for some time due to illness. She has not given much information about her condition, but she has assured her fans that she is doing well and hopes to return to work soon. She has not left the station or moved to another location. She is still a part of the WJAR family and is eager to get back to her job as the traffic anchor and co-host of Studio 10.

We hope this blog post has answered the question: “What happened to Rosie Woods on Channel 10?" We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her back on the air soon.

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