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What Happened To Megan On Farmer Wants A Wife?

What happened to Megan on Farmer Wants A Wife? Meghan Baker is one of 32 eligible singles in the premiere season of Farmer Wants a Wife. Baker, a local of Midland, is a goal-oriented person. That's why she tried out for Farmer Wants a Wife on TV.
Fox's new reality show, "The Bachelor Farmer," launched earlier this month, and it features 32 women vying for the love of four bachelor farmers. Hunter Grayson, a cattle and horse rancher from Georgia, is interested in Baker on the program. She now admits to being "naive" about the contest process.

About Megan Baker On Farmer Wants A Wife

What Happened To Megan On Farmer Wants A Wife Source: Farmer Wants A Wife
Baker stated, "I thought I would go on the show, meet my farmer, and fall in love. I didn't give the cameras, the other contestants, or the reality show aspect any thought. I went there hoping to find the farmer who would be the perfect life partner for me and my simple goals.
Baker moved from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee (82 miles southwest of Nashville) to Midland in July 2017 to work as an event coordinator for a nonprofit. She grew up on the cattle ranch her great-grandparents founded in Tennessee. After leaving for college, Baker realizes how much she misses life in the country. There was no question in her mind that she would go back.


When Meghan saw the casting call for the rural reality program, she immediately became very excited. I decided to read this since it sounded like something I would appreciate. I'm looking for a farmer, the actor from "The Farmer Wants a Wife" recently told Fox 24. I'm a farm girl, that's what I am. I grew up in Tennessee, where my family and I farmed and kept cattle. This made me feel completely at peace.
Farmer Wants a Wife sounds like a fantastic fit for Meghan, but reality TV may be bad for her. Despite her initial delight at the potential of finding true love in a farmer, Meghan informed the source that she was uneasy with the reality TV aspect of the dating tournament. Meghan acknowledged to Fox 24 that trying to win over one man might be uncomfortable while competing with thirty-two other women. The speaker explains it this way: "It does bring the'real' into the real part."

What Happened To Megan On Farmer Wants A Wife?

What Happened To Megan On Farmer Wants A Wife What Happened To Megan On Farmer Wants A Wife?
In addition, on the March 15 episode, the Farmer Wants a Wife contestant shares her concerns with Hunter. The 31-year-old cattle and horse rancher thinks the program is "staged in a way" since she can't keep up with the other women's outgoing personalities. "I don't think I can do the reality TV part of it," Meghan admits. It's past time that I get back to my abode.
The show doesn't reveal whether or not the 23-year-old acts on her threat. And if the Instagram post she made after the concert is any indication, Meghan is here to stay. Meghan definitely wouldn't have asked for help deciding whether to stop on her Instagram story if she had already made up her decision. But we can't know for sure till later. Meghan has a BA in Family and Consumer Science and a BS in Fashion Merchandising from the University of Tennessee.


She joined the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and other groups as an undergraduate, including the National Honor Society and the Fashion Association. After completing formal education, the reality star headed to Texas to pursue a career in the Entertainment industry. After a year as the director of creative marketing, she moved into the role of event planner at The Way Retreat Center and Holy Cross Catholic High School.
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