What Happened To Matthew Grinstead Mayle In Survivor 44?

What Happened To Matthew Grinstead Mayle In Survivor 44? In Survivor 44 episode 5, Matthew's health was a primary concern as he was struggling at Ratu. Jeff Probst had him stay back so that medical could look at him after the immunity challenge. Matthew's injury impacted him so much that he sat out of two challenges, which is unusual for someone who got prepared and trained for years to be on the show.
However, medical did not pull him out of the game, and the decision was left up to him. Despite this, it seemed likely that he would leave, but there was no evidence of Tribal Council coming up. While we feel for Matthew, he could have a chance to come back in the future.
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#1. What happened to Matthew Grinstead Mayle in Survivor 44 Episode 5?

In Survivor 44 Episode 5, the game becomes more challenging with a “tribe swap” and Matthew Grinstead-Mayle’s continuing shoulder issues. In Ratu's camp, Matthew is still struggling with his dislocated shoulder on Day 2, and he doesn't want to leave the game because of his injury. He hopes to withstand the pain to make it to the end of the game. Matthew confides in Carson, and the two appear to have become close in their little time together. Conversely, Carson has been cultivating tight ties with everyone at Ratu while downplaying his danger level. He also talks about his grand plan, which includes an evil laugh before arriving in Fiji.

#2. What happened in the Immunity Challenge?

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In Survivor 44 Episode 5, Jeff Probst explains the immunity challenge where the tribemates are tied together and race through obstacles to fill a bucket with water and then transfer it to another bucket. The winning tribes will also pick three members to go on a journey. Ultimately, Ratu wins the challenge and picks three castaways to go on a journey. Meanwhile, medical checks Matthew's injured shoulder, and he expresses his concerns to Dr. Will. The decision to stay or leave the game is up to Matthew.
Despite sitting out of the challenge, Matthew's injury is still a concern for the Ratu tribe. He talks to Dr. Will and expresses how much pain he's in and how he's worried about his body healing in Survivor's conditions. The decision of whether or not he should leave the game is left up to him. Ratu ultimately wins the immunity challenge and picks three castaways to go on a journey.
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#3. Matthew is the second medevac of Survivor 44

What Happened To Matthew Grinstead MayleSource: CBS

In Survivor 44 Episode 5, Yam Yam and Josh returned to Tika's camp, where Yam Yam convinced Josh to vote out Carolyn. At the Sanctuary, Brandon, Danny, and Carolyn bond over food and discover that Josh got an idol from his journey in the previous episode. However, they underestimate Carolyn, and she returns to Tika on the warpath, aiming to take out Josh and wound the new alliance.
Carolyn updates Yam Yam and Josh about the situation, and Josh reveals that he is not part of the "meat brigade." Although Josh shows them a fake idol, Yam Yam immediately recognizes it as fake, and Carolyn identifies its note as coming from Josh's previous idol. In the meantime, Jeff arrives at Tika with news that Matthew is being medically evacuated, resulting in no Tribal Council and a safe night for Yam Yam, Carolyn, and Josh.
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