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What Happened To Gibbs On NCIS? Why Did He Leave NCIS?

What happened to Gibbs on NCIS? NCIS hasn't been the same since its premiere in 2003 when Mark Harmon departed as Special Agent in Charge Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Harmon continued his job as Executive Producer of the show even after Gibbs left, and the character was never returned. NCIS is now CBS' longest-running scripted primetime series.
It follows the missions of government special agents responsible for solving crimes, stopping terrorist attacks, and protecting the secrets of the Navy and Marine Corps.

What Happened To Gibbs On NCIS?

What Happened To Gibbs On NCIS Source: NCIS
Gibbs' final case ultimately led to his departure from NCIS. Harmon's penultimate episode reveals that the crew was wrong about a hired hitman behind a string of murders (Jason Wiles). Gibbs left FBI Agent Alden Parker (Gary Cole) in the car and drove the hitman to his location, promising to share intelligence in exchange for his services. After telling Gibbs who had hired him and why he had damaged Gibbs' boat, the assassin blew himself up.
Gibbs flew to Naktok, Alaska, as part of his research, where he discovered Sonova Industries and its proposed copper mining project. Sonia Eberhart, CEO of Sonova, was the target of Gibbs and the NCIS team's investigation after it was revealed that she had hired a hitman to silence anybody who may reveal the mine's potential environmental destruction.


In a critical episode of NCIS, Wilmer Valderrama, who previously featured as Fez on That '90s Show, returned to the role of Nick Torres. Several scenes featured Gibbs and the team together, foreshadowing his departure. He must have been sure he wouldn't need his phone again after this case since he left it behind in his coffee mug as he walked out.

Why Did Gibbs Leave NCIS?

What Happened To Gibbs On NCIS What Happened To Gibbs On NCIS?
Yet Gibbs never planned to retire completely. Gibbs broke the law when he betrayed the FBI and helped the killer approach his target. He told Parker where to look for him, suggesting he planned to do time for his crime. The conclusion of Gibbs's time on NCIS would not go down that way. After realizing how helpful Gibbs had been, Parker disobeyed orders to arrest him and was consequently fired. Gibbs decided to stay since he was comfortable there.
A year after Gibbs departed from NCIS, Mark Harmon discussed his reasons for leaving and his future intentions. The Season 19 DVD includes Harmon's comments about Gibbs' influence on the show and the series. The actor said he departed NCIS after 18 seasons because he wanted to focus on "new" and "challenging" material that he had not had time to explore while playing Jethro Leroy Gibbs.


Yet he left the door open with some words of encouragement. Gibbs is not "retired" as a character and may make future guest appearances, according to what Harmon indicated in a DVD bonus. "The protagonist, as best as I can determine, is now headquartered in Alaska. The story hinged on the choices this individual made. In my opinion, it was simple and within acceptable bounds." Even though Gibbs hasn't returned, he is still very much thought of. Despite Mark Harmon's departure from NCIS, the character of Gibbs was nevertheless honored in at least three episodes this season.
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