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  1. Dean and Roxy in EastEnders: The Toxic Relationship
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What Did Dean Do to Roxy in EastEnders? The Toxic Relationship

EastEnders, the famous British TV show, has always been a place for big, exciting stories. Among these, the rocky relationship between Dean Wicks and Roxy Mitchell stands out as really tough.

Key Takeaways

  • Dean starts as Roxy's ideal partner in EastEnders but quickly shows his true colors, becoming controlling and abusive.
  • Roxy's brave move to end things with Dean leads to a scary showdown, with him trying to assault her.
  • Even after Dean gets arrested for trying to rape Roxy, he's let off and paid to leave town, showing how tough it is for everyone to deal with his harmful actions.

Dean and Roxy in EastEnders: The Toxic Relationship

What Did Dean Do to Roxy in EastEnders Source: EastEnders/ BBC

Dean Wicks and Roxy Mitchell's relationship in EastEnders looked like a love story. Dean, at first the perfect boyfriend, won over Roxy. They quickly moved in together and got engaged. However, things changed as their relationship grew. Dean showed his mean and nasty side. He changed from a loving partner to someone who bossed around Roxy in scary ways.

Two incidents were especially telling: Dean cutting off Roxy's hair and burning her with hair straighteners. These acts were both physical and psychological, showing Dean's need to dominate Roxy.

The situation peaked around Christmas 2015. In a really scary moment, Dean, angry, threw a plate at the wall, cutting Roxy's face. This was a big change for Roxy, making her see the dangerous side of their relationship. She chose to end it, leading to an even scarier face-off. Roxy's attempt to get away led to Dean reacting violently.

Dean, not taking the breakup well, attacked Roxy, trying to force himself on her. This clear showing of Dean's true character echoed what others had suspected. Luckily, Shirley Carter, Dean's mom, came just in time. She stopped Dean's attack, protecting Roxy. This was key, not just in stopping the violence but also in showing Dean's true nature.


What Happened Between Dean and Roxy in EastEnders?

What Happened Between Dean and Roxy Source: EastEnders/ BBC

The climax of Dean and Roxy's relationship in EastEnders was shocking. Roxy's brave move to end the engagement led to a scary showdown. Dean reacted violently when Roxy said she didn't love him anymore. This huge moment highlighted Dean's abusive nature. Shirley, arriving just in time, stopped Dean from hurting Roxy further and showed his real character.

Roxy, upset and shocked, ran away, looking for safety. The aftermath impacted several people. Roxy, deeply affected, found support from Linda Carter and Elaine, who understood what happened. They helped Roxy feel safe and deal with what happened.

Dean faced what he did. He was arrested for trying to rape Roxy but got off due to no evidence. This was hard to accept for many. His dad, Buster Briggs, saw how serious it was and paid Dean to leave town, showing the community's wish to stay away from his harmful actions.

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