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  1. #1. What Did Barbara Walters Die Of?
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What Did Barbara Walters Die Of? What's The Cause?

What did Barbara Walters die of? On Friday, legendary journalist Barbara Walters passed away at her home in New York City. She was most known for her work on the Today show, 20/20, and The View, as well as her long employment as a correspondent for ABC News. She was 93 years old.
As Walters' publicist Cindi Berger put it, "she lived her life with no regrets." She was an innovator not only for female journalists but for women everywhere.

#1. What Did Barbara Walters Die Of?

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When she joined ABC News, Walters made history when she became the first American woman to serve as a network news anchor in 1976. She was the first woman to co-host a US news broadcast when she joined the morning version of NBC's Today Show in 1974. She had to break through a male-dominated industry to get there.
Since then, she has replaced Charlie Gibson as ABC's nightly news anchor, where she earns a cool million dollars a year and has become a cultural phenomenon. As she accepted the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000, Walters said, "I have been gifted with a life I never envisioned."


After 52 years in the industry, she announced her retirement in 2014 and did not return for another episode of The View. She began her life in Boston at the start of the Great Depression in 1929 and ended it with 12 Emmys. In addition to every US president, from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump, she has interviewed several other music and pop culture celebrities.

#2.  celebrities Paid Tribute To Walters

What Did Barbara Walters Die Of
Many other women in the media industry look up to Walters as an inspiration and have followed in her footsteps as journalists and news presenters. "Barbara offered us an arena, made it conceivable to address any type of issue, and gave us the ability to be brainy and girly," said Leslie Stahl. One critic said, "She radiates a sincerity that enables her to depict a complete human being on television, capable of flirting, smiling, and being harsh all at the same time."
When Barbara Walters announced her retirement in 2014, Katie Couric commented, "she was an early ballbuster, and I mean that in the best way imaginable." Before the zoo would let women in, she would shake the cages and make a lot of noise.
On Friday, Oprah Winfrey stated, "without Barbara Walters, there wouldn't have been me, or any other woman you see on the evening, morning, and daily news." Winfrey said this in tribute to the late journalist Barbara Walters. She was the only person I could see in my head whenever I had to read for a role on television.
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