Here's Why Wednesday From The Hit “Addams Family” Deserves Her Own Show

At the end of November 2022, the Wednesday series was released. This is a new adaptation of our favorite Addams Family story. We'll tell you the great points of the new series, how it differs from the 1991 hit, and why this goth girl with braids deserves a solo project. And in the bonus section, we'll tell you how Thing's scenes were shot. Why Wednesday “The Addams Family” deserves her own show?

The series was an instant hit, beating out the new season of Stranger Things in terms of views. Tim Burton himself worked on the show, so all the props are in his signature style. The main character is a melancholy girl, Wednesday Addams, daughter of Gomez and Morticia. She doesn't fit into a normal school, so her parents send her to a closed facility for outcasts, weird teenagers just like her. Wednesday From The Hit “Addams Family” really deserve her own show.

Like in the iconic Addams movie, Wednesday is braided, dressed in black, and a bit aloof.

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The first major difference is her age. In most adaptations of the Addams Family, the young girl is around 10-13 years old, while in the Netflix series Wednesday turns 16. Also, in the 2022 show, the family's supernatural abilities family and others are mentioned. For example, Morticia Wednesday is frequently plagued by images of the past and the future.
In the original comic books and earlier films, the Addams were just a quirky family with dark interests. In the story there are many supporting characters with their own stories. Also, they're not just normal people, they're vampires, werewolves and gorgons. For example, the protagonist's roommate is a werewolf who, unfortunately for her family, still cannot turn into one.
The character has come a long way since the 1964 series. In the first adaptation, she doesn't have much interest in dark things. She will breed spiders and tear off the doll's head, that's all.

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In the 1991 film, Wednesday is a tough teenager, constantly testing his inventions with his brother, and they aren't very safe. In the Addams sequel Family Values, Wednesday and Pugsley are sent to summer camp, where the girl starts a riot and shows her temper.
There's another adaptation, a 2019 cartoon. Although it was commercially successful, reviews were very mixed. It was too “fairy-tale-like.”

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Despite the obvious differences, some things in all versions are the same, such as the warm relationship between Wednesday and her brother. She comforts him when he is sad. When Pugsley was brought into the locker, his sister asked him for the names of the people who did the work and she handled it. She seems reserved, but in reality, she is sensitive and insightful, and the creators have shown this side of her very well.

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The new Wednesday is an agressive character. She doesn't use social media and thinks it's a waste of time. Instead of a laptop, she uses a typewriter.

And she uses very clever, albeit creepy, quotes. She says, “Every day is all about me.” She doesn't try to look better than she does, nor does she care about other people's opinions.Wednesday From The Hit “Addams Family”Source: © The Addams Family / Paramount Pictures, © Wednesday / MGM Television

In the iconic '90s movie, Wednesday is portrayed by actress Christina Ricci. In the new project, Ricci plays a teacher for outcasts like an ordinary person. By the way, Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday in the new series, revealed that Ricci never tried to instruct her or show her how to portray the character.

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Gomez is portrayed by Luis Guzman. He is very similar to the father in the original comic. The actor said this role is in the top 3 of his best roles. His wife, Morticia, is played by Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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Director Tim Burton said he wanted the character to be more modern, so her makeup was crimson. The school's principal is played by Gwendoline Christie, also known as Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones. The actress said she had never felt so beautiful on screen and she thanked the director for giving her such an opportunity.

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And of course, Wednesday's main star is Jenna Ortega. She played the role brilliantly and won the hearts of the viewers. After the series was released, there were many videos of the girls imitating Ortega's dance moves at prom. The actress came up with the moves herself in just a few days.
But the compelling scenes, good actors and great atmosphere are not all that the film has to offer. The text is just so good. It's a detective story in which the plots are fun to watch.

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Wednesday went to school not only to study and become part of a new society, but also to solve cases. By the way, she didn't get her name right away. In the original manga, the girl and other family members do not have names. The names are specifically given to the 1964 series.
Bonus: The actor who plays Thing has to hang out in very uncomfortable positions and wear suits.

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